Sunday, January 02, 2011

oh, deer.

2 years ago when we went to my mom's for christmas... we just happened to be driving around god knows where and we literally happened upon a shit load of deer. they were in this one neighborhood and there were tons of them.

it was stunning seeing them so up close and i was happy i had my camera with me.

so this year, 2 years later, when we back to my mom's for christmas... it was a high priority to me to see if the deer were still hanging around that neighborhood.

imagine how happy i was to see that they were! i just think this is so freaking cool. and blake loves seeing them all like this. totally awesome. :)






these deer are my new tradition. i hope they never leave. :)


Annie said...

that is awesome!! great photos of the deer!! i can't believe how close you were able to get to them.

A said...

And yours had snow in the background. :)

I saw a group of maybe 5 or 6 deer off to the side of the road last Wed (12/29) on the way home. Had my camera, but didn't see them soon enough to take pics. It was so neat to see them , though! That's the most I've seen at one time, too. Usually it's just one or two.

Grand Pooba said...

Those are huge!!

Ericka said...

hmm. bet the neighbors don't feel the same way about them.

deer = vermin. really big vermin that eat your gardens and your trees.

they do look pretty in the snow though, don't they?

judy in ky said...

So cool. They are beautiful. We used to see them in our back yard when we lived in Pennsylvania. One year there was a doe with her little white-spotted babies.

judy in ky said...

Oh, and we had a woods behind us, so we didn't mind when they ate the leaves from the trees. There were plenty of trees back there. We didn't even try to have a garden in the back. I would rather have the deer.

Megaland said...

You just need to come to my town. They're everywhere. Every morning we pass by them or they cross our streets on the way to school. It's weird because now it's just "normal". I remember when we first moved into the other house, a family of deer moved into our backyard and had babies there and stayed for a few months until the babies were a little older. It was awesome! It was like having our own little pet deer, except we never fed them.