Friday, January 14, 2011

my head... it hurts. i always say that huh? it's still true though. for about a week now i have been working on a complete and total redesign for jennster, as well as all the projects i constantly have in the fire. ot is beyond time consuming. mostly i think because i dont really know what i'm doing so everything takes me days to code, design, and build. i am hoping that with the help of the awesome emily (at left shoe media), my new website will be spectacular and everything i want it to be! i am beyond excited..... but still nowhere near done.

so that is where i've been this entire week (aside from some interviews and working on a baseball fundraiser)!! i have been staring bleary eyed at my laptop..desperately searching for ideas and how to make what i want work. i think my brain is only so creative....everything i envision looks the fucking same.

i sent out 4 queries yesterday to book agents with a whole new hook. we'll see what happens! i really love my characters and the story they tell, so hete's to hoping i get to share them with you soon!

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