Monday, January 10, 2011

the book! i wrote!

i pretty much can say that i'm done writing my first young adult novel (again). i mean, sure, i still have minor edits to make when it comes to tenses, and the wording, and the fact that i repeat things. but the story, and everything i was working on adding, developing more, describing more... DONE! :)

i feel really good about it!

so good in fact that i made a website for all the books i intend to write (yes, i will write MORE!THAN!ONE!). it's nowhere near complete, and to be honest... i'm in the middle of a HUGE website redesign that i can't wait to launch and announce because i'm super excited about it.

but for now, go check out my writer website (pen name) J-Sterling. also, you can "like" me on facebook!!!!!

now the other hard part begins... again. quering the agents and getting them to WANT to read the book you know is so damn good. it really is difficult to sum up an entire book in one hook sentence and one following paragraph. but you know what? people do it all the time. and they get agents to request their books all the time. AND SO I KNOW I CAN DO IT TOO!

so that's the update! i'm really hoping that i'll have more exciting news about the future of my writing.. or whatever else it is i decide to tackle! :) today, i'm going to talk with a group of teen mom's. i'm excited. it's flattering that my girlfriend chose me to talk to them about staying in school.. not giving up on their dreams.. and believing in themselves. i really hope that what i tell them can help make a small difference in their life. i'm sure simply meeting them will make a difference in mine.


Grand Pooba said...

That is awesome! I don't know how you can do it, I can't write. Very impressive girl! I can't wait to read it!

A said...

I wish you good luck in your search for a publisher! :)

Catherine said...

Way to go, Jennster!