Friday, December 31, 2010

why i love new years!

in list form...

because it feels like magic is in the air!
something about the start of a new year feels refreshing... like you can do anything!
the possibilities are endless!
it's exciting to think of what may come!
i love odd numbers so i am so happy it is almost 2011!!!!!!!
new years feels like a fresh start.... a new chapter... an exciting beginning!
it feels positive, and happy!

i used to travel and go to a diff city or state each new years eve to party.. i miss doing that. i love how nye feels like it is a magic present full of surprise and promise... all you have to do is unwrap it!

do you like new years?

i wish you all a magical and wonderful 2011 that is full of answers to dreams, promises and fulfillment. even when the road gets hard and it hurts, i hope the outcome leads you to a better tomorrow.

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1 comment:

A said...


Hope you have a GREAT 2011!! :)

who will be stuck at home NYE..but will happily watch NKOTBSB on Dick Clark's Rockin' NYE! :)