Wednesday, December 08, 2010


i am certain i've talked about this before. but it's been awhile. it's time to bring it up again...

do you ask the parents of your children's friends if they own guns? i mean, if your child is going to spend time at someone's house, do you ask?

because i haven't been asking. because i STUPIDLY assume that people don't freaking have guns in their homes. and i also STUPIDLY assume that if they do, they're locked up.

but that isn't always the case. and sometimes, you learn that there are guns in the homes of the people your child spends time with. and also, that those guns aren't locked up. and that the kids who live in the home, know where the guns are, and know how to get them.

i just have to say that i am so thankful to have such an honest, good hearted, smart, rational child. and i'm even more thankful that when a potential deadly situation presented itself in his presence, he had the frame of mind to walk away and tell an adult.

i know we always tell our kids to do just that in those kinds of situations, but i honestly think it's harder to do than we realize. you have to go against what your friends are doing, and "rat" them out. and while i can sit here and say i'd rather blake be a rat, than have a friend dead from a gunshot wound.... it's easy for me to say that because i'm an adult.

i will admit that i don't know the entire story of the guns in the home. maybe they are unloaded. maybe they have trigger locks. what i do know is that they are in a place where kids can get to them. and show them to their friends. and that makes me more than a little uncomfortable.



Karen said...

I have 4 guns in my house. I used to be on a competitive pistol team and I love target shooting. Of course the guns are locked in the gun safe in the basement and no one can get at them. Irresponsible gun ownership is inexcusable.

Just another thing to worry about when you have kids!

Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

We have loaded guns in our house obviously. They're not locked up BUT they're very high up on shelves and Hannah has no idea where they are or that they even exist. Just me and Matt do and it's only for protection for me since he works at night. That being said, no one has ever asked me that ( i guess they assume we do since matt is a cop) and i've never asked anyone either. never have thought to either. hm.

Ericka said...

Where I grew up, everyone had guns in their home, and they were loaded and usually in a dresser drawer or other readily accessible place. Also, all of the kids knew exactly how to use them, what they could do, AND what would happen to them if mom or dad caught them playing with them without permission.

it's silly to say it's there for your protection if you need 20 minutes to get to it.

Good for Blake for getting out of that situation. You'd be doing yourself a favor to see that, if he is at all curious, you get him proper training and take the mystery out of it.

@Becky - PLEASE don't assume that your kids don't know. I knew where my dad's gun cabinent key was (up high in his closet, in a film canister) from before I was 6. Your kids are like cats - into EVERYTHING when you aren't around to stop them. Train your children not to touch, or lock up your guns - it's too important to assume.

Vicky92569 said...

This is a subject I feel quite passionate about. There are NO guns in my house. Not even play ones. My dear beloved cousin was killed at 15...because there was a gun in a friend’s house. Always ask & do not mince words of warning to your child. The consequences are deadly and irrevocable.
I stand behind my belief in saying that there is no such thing as “responsible gun ownership” in a private / civilian home.
While I apologize for offending anyone, I do not apologize for my strong stance on this. There are numerous statistics that back up my beliefs.

jennster said...

becks.. i totally expect that you would have guns in your house, but it scary to think they are on a shelf, loaded. eeeeek.

we had guns in our house too (dad was a cop)... and they were accessible to me. i just never cared, or even THOUGHT about touching them. not because i was told NOT too, but because i never cared too. also, my parents totally thought i couldn't get into the safe they had. but i knew where they kept the combination and iw ould open that fucker up everytime they left hte house. not to get to the guns, but just to see what was in there. bottom line- our kids know more than we think they do. and hannah is getting old enough that you should probably think about locking them up, or unloading them, or something?? only saying cause that scares me for you

jennster said...

ericka- good points. about the silliness of saying a gun is for your protection, but if you can't get to it, what good is it?

and it's different for me too- being from california and really growing up thinking the only people who had guns were police officers. probably cause that's all i was exposed too. in my mind, no one hunted (i didn't know anyone who did) and no one else had guns unless you were bad. lol

jennster said...

vicky- totally understand and respect your opinion. and while i disagree and of course think there is such a thing as responsible gun ownership, i completely get why you feel the way you do. you lived what any person's nightmare about guns is. you know? i am sorry for your loss.

jennster said...

karen- it is another thing to worry about. exactly. and i just have to say it's kind of cool that you used to shoot competetively. like top shot, the show! lol

Stephanie said...

We have a gun because my husband's in law enforcement. It's always locked up when it's home. When our daughter is old enough, if she's interested, we'll show her how to use it properly. We want to teach her that guns are a specific tool for a specific job.