Monday, December 13, 2010

be a santa to a senior!

this is the time of year for giving... we tend to go out of our way to do something nice for others right now.

i came across this website the other day, and i have been meaning to post about it. it's called BE A SANTA TO A SENIOR. i think that we tend to focus on the needy children and families (which is unbelievably kind and generous and super rad), but we totally forget about our senior citizens.

when i read this website, i cried. everything makes me cry lately. for some reason, i'm an emotional basket case (no, i'm not pregnant). anyway, there are apparently a lot of senior citizens who don't have any family or anyone around them. some of them go the entire year without getting a single gift. that makes me so sad. here is part of the main story on their website:

"In 2006, Be a Santa to a Senior volunteers visited a local nursing
facility and distributed gifts to a number of residents, including one
87-year-old woman whom we'll call Mary. She was pleased to receive her gift and
thanked us profusely, but it wasn't until we returned to give Mary another gift
in 2007 that we recognized the true value of Be a Santa to a Senior.
When we
entered Mary's room for our second visit, we noticed that the only card on her
bulletin board was the Be a Santa to a Senior card from the previous year. As we
spoke with her caregivers we found out that our Christmas card and gift were the
only items she had received throughout the year. Mary re-read the card regularly
to help keep that memory alive."

so, i went to the website and found out if there were any stores in my area participating in the program, and there were! i found the holiday tree and chose 2 seniors off of it. and i'm really hoping that what i got them makes them smile. it feels good to do something for other people. and for whatever reason, it feels good to do something for the people we all tend to forget about.