Tuesday, October 19, 2010

what kind of books do you read?

since i'm writing a book (okay, it's done, but i'm still in the process of making it better).. i started to wonder what kinds of books people like?

i know that for me, the book doesn't need to be written up to literary perfection standards for it to be enjoyed. i mean, let's face it- twilight wasn't written like some amazing work of art, but still millions of people loved it. because a book doesn't need to be "perfect" in literary terms to resonate with people. i liked twilight because i loved the story... the idea of what was happening.. the forbidden love.. i loved edward. and in all honesty, his character was enough to keep me reading. because of everything he did and said- i would freaking swoon constantly. i wanted my very own vampire (until the movies came out).

then i started thinking about other fictional books i like... and it's just the story. if something is written too complicated, i can't enjoy it because i spend the whole time trying to pronounce the words in my head correctly (and then wondering what the hell they mean). so i know that for me, i like a good love story. i like characters who don't annoy me. (for the record, bella was/is extremely annoying). i like when there is magic involved, or the idea of past lives, or something that takes the seemingly ordinary girl and makes her a little less. i'm not sure if i need to resonate with the female characters or not entirely, but something about them needs to make me wish i was a part of their world. know what i mean?

so what is it that you like? the story? the characters? all of it? think about the types of books you like and tell me what it is that keeps you reading... even during those slow parts. :)


Angelika said...

I've never read a Twilight book, and after seeing that crappy movie, I never will. Vampires should be like Lestat! Not all sparkly & shit.

Anyway, I just finished "The Wish List" by Eoin Colfer. He wrote the Artemis Fowl books. They're for 5th graders, but they're good. So suck it! Back to the library to see if they have any more elementary school books I can read, LOL.

Smug said...

I didn't care for the Twilight books, but perhaps my expectations were too high since I was being told by everyone I met how totally amazing they were.

I just want to be entertained. I spent the better part of the last 10 years in school (getting that MBS thingy) and reading mostly textbooks. When I read for fun, I want it to be just that! Fun!!

I like the Sookie Stackhouse books and I also love the Stephanie Plum books and those are about the only two series books that I keep up with. I love anything by Jennifer Crusie.

Now I am looking forward to reading with my daughter. I can hardly wait for her to be old enough for the Little House books and the Narnia books!! Books are fun!!

nancy said...

i love to read. romance, mystery, action,sci-fi and even classics. i like good stories and make you think and question and wonder and i also like to loose myself in fantasy. depends on my mood. i don't like books that are slow or that i can't connect with the characters. hope that helps and let me know when and where i can get your book.

Grand Pooba said...

I'm a mystery type person, I like the edge of your seat kinda stuff.

I just started reading the girl with the dragon tattoo.

Victoria Merrill said...

I read mostly Non-Fiction. However, I read some fiction upon recommendation and I re-read Gone With the Wind once a year...it is my favorite book ever. Best of luck with your tome! It is sure to be awesome!