Wednesday, September 08, 2010

the weather's changin'

so it's going from cold.. to colder.
this blog post is coming from my new cell phone (that i am completely in love with by the way).. i am sitting in the dmv waiting to take my new driver's license picture. i look pretty for it. i've been here for 2 hours. i know, i know.. make an appointment, right? but when the appointments are a month away, i'd rather wait. it's not like i have a job or anything.

i am still writing my book.. although i have not written in four days (which is the longest i've gone since i really started writing). i have written 157 pages and there isn't much story left to tell. it is super exciting and i am hoping for lots of positive and really cool things for it!!! you never know. think good thoughts, k? thanks!! :)

i went and saw an old friend and his adorable gf in napa yesterday. it was her birthday and he was drunk. he looked like santa claus, so i sat on his lap and told him i wanted a puppy for christmas. he said i could have one, so now i can't wait til december!!!! pretend santa's don't lie! anyway, i forget how much i truly miss people once i stop seeing them on a daily basis. you know? it was so great to see him, laugh with him, and just spend time together (although it's NEVER enough time). i have a lot of good people in my life who are so enjoyable.
she has the boobs and i have the booty



the boy and i are heading to so cal this weekend for my birthday. i heard the weather is supposed to suck, which makes me want to cry, but it can't suck any worse than the stupid weather here.. so who cares?!?! haha

dear so cal.. i am coming home. prepare yo'selves!!! lol super awesome pictures from that weekend to come, i'm sure!!!

hope y'all are doing well and enjoying life. i do miss you and think of you often! :)


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. Have fun in So Cal for your birthday.

Jill said...

Happy Birthday Jenn!! Have fun for me!