Wednesday, September 22, 2010

suddenly this is a photo blog

shit, all i do is post pictures anymore.

but that's what i've been doing i guess.. taking lots of pics.
speaking of, i still hate this stupid pos point and shoot. never knew how attached i was to my canon (dur)... i hate being seperated from it. i NEED it. hurry back to me my love, for i am only part a ster without you!!!!!

quick side note- still writing my first fictional novel. it f'n rocks and thank the goddess for a couple of great friends who are reading everything and giving me feedback. i thought i was almost done until i was told "THIS CANNOT BE THE END!!!!" and so it's back to writing and making the story great(er)!!!! i also have an idea for a second bood, which i never thought i'd ever have. so all of this writing and storytelling is super exciting and fun.

anyway- back to photo time!!! we went to the beach for a baseball tournament this past weekend... it was overcast and ugly, but still warm, which made me happy. i'd rather be warm than cold any day of the week, but y'all know this already.


we play rockstars on tv
kerry, jackie and ster

moms in santa cruz

waiting for the kids

it was also my gf's bd and so i went out with her and her friends....

rachel is so skinny, she makes me look like i have a fat head. or maybe i really do have a fat head? you can call me that from now on (just not to my face thanks)
rach & ster

the birthday girl, val and meeee
angela, valerie, jennster

dinner (but mostly just drinks)
birthday dinner

fat head signing out..


Wow, that was awkward said...

Whooooooot-wheeeeew! I have no idea how to spell a catcall whistle, so this will have to do.

Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

It better not end that way! I NEED MORE!!!!!! and you do NOT have a fat head.

texas math said...

I know I've seen you mention this...but it just dawned on me that you're writing a book. How exciting that must be (and time consuming)? It's a shoot-em up action book right?

Dee said...

Love, love, love that shirt you are wearing in the last few pics. And, no, you do not have a fat head.

Anisha said...

There's nothing better then a all girls night out!!! man, do we know how to have fun without MEN!!! And no you don'y have a fat head!!