Wednesday, September 15, 2010

i broke my mother f'n camera


can we all pause for a moment and just wallow in the fact that i've broken my camera?!?!?!! i was cleaning the lens and this spring thing that controls the focus fell out of the body. i tried to fix it. i even got the thing back on and in there, but it's still not taking pictures properly. :( about 1/3 of the picture is all black.

this happened thursday afternoon. so of course i flipped out because i was heading to so cal for the weekend and i cannot travel without a camera!!!! i hauled ass to the camera store and asked them if they could fix my canon. they said no. (did you know that you have to send everything back to the company now? like no one fixes camera's anymore? sigh) so i bought a point and shoot because like i said.. I CANNOT NOT HAVE A CAMERA!!!!!!

let me be very clear when i tell you that i think i hate this camera (not as much as i hated that pos cell phone replacement), but it sucks. i guess i just needed to figure it out and spend more time with it, but i hate the flash. i avoid using the flash whenever possible. but this stupid camera flashed all the time. so all the pics... we all look like oil banks. everyone is shiny, greasy, crappy looking mess. (by everyone, i really just mean myself)

sue, ster, sandi

lol- this is what happens after high school



jenn & sandi

i really need to send my camera back asap, cause i am lost without it. first my ass, now this!


Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

still so sad for you! after that happened my friend's AC went out in her house and my phone crashed! i was like wtf is this? some kind of HORRID mercury retrograde? so you have to send it back? that sucks ass.

Andie said...

canon is really good about a quick turnaround!

I think you look great in those pics, though. :)