Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the evolution of my driver's license pictures!

i just got my new license picture in the mail and so i thought i'd post all my license pictures throughout the years!!!

and i totally want you to do the same! i want to see everyone's drivers license pics! come on, it will be FUN!!!! :)

not to mention super embarassing. whose idea was this anyway??

here i am.. fresh off the driver's license boat (ha).. at 16 years old! woot woot.. good lord. look at those bangs!!! and that face. clearly, i hadn't perfected my amazing picture taking model skills yet!!! (cannot believe i'm posting this shit)

um.. here's the next one. i think i was like 22 in this pic. wtf is going on with my hair? i mean, i'm really asking because i have no clue what i did to it. why the f am i so white?!??!! i was never this white.. .omg, cause i bet this was when i lived in stupid san jose and of course i was white, cause we could never go to the beach. gross.

now we're getting better. this was after i had blake and at least i look more like myself here. at least i think so, although no one else does. i can't even tell you how much crap i get when i go out with this pic- the bouncer never thinks it's me. which is lame, because hello.. CLEARLY that is sooo me. i have the same face, do i not?!?!! anyway, that's why i waited in line for almost 3 hours at the dmv the other week... needed a newer, fresher, jennster pic! i should have totally signed my license as jennster. hahahah

and here it is. my newest pic! i don't love it. i barely like it. i'm half tempted to go yell at the guy who took my pic and told me it was hot. he was either lying, blind or just hated me. i wish you could tell how mother f'n fantastic my eyelashes were this day. argh.

even though this was embarassing, it was still fun. YOUR TURN! come on, don't puss out! just do it!!! :)


North OC Mike said...

Who keeps their old driver's licenses? The DMV guy was right. It's hot (for a DL anyway)

jennster said...

what?!??!! you don't keep yours??? do you just trash em?? maybe i'm weird(er) than i thought. lol

Kimberly said...

In NV, they make you turn in your old one to get your new one. :/
I had a CA license for a few years... seriously, best. pic. ever. I was going to keep it forever. And then I got pulled over once I was back in NV and as I was rifling through all my cards to give him my NV DL, the cop SAW my CA license and HE TOOK IT!!!! So. PISSED. I have managed to hang on to a couple of my old licenses... not that I know where they are or anything.

norcalgirl28 said...

Sorry, I'm back to why couldn't you go to the beach when you lived in San Jose? It was less than half an hour a way!!!!

anna said...

this is a great idea!! love it!