Sunday, September 26, 2010

40 miles on a beach cruiser?


there were a lot of naysayers.. there were a lot of people giving me ridiculous amounts of shit for attempting to do 40 miles of hills and what not on a beach cruiser.
what these people don't understand is that... my bike? the bike i own? it's a 7 speed raleigh cruiser. and i love it. and it's my bike. and if i'm going to do a bike ride? well, i'm going to do it on my bike. it wasn't a race... it was a ride. so who cares?
ms 028

the night before the race, there was a party. a carbo-loading, drink too much before we ride in 100 degree heat, party. i sort of have awesome friends.
ms 023

ms 018

this party is also where we learned that bike jersey's fit REALLY small and everyone was freaking out about the sizes.
please note that i clearly look like a part of nascar's pit crew. MORE OIL! NEW TIRES! GO GO GO!

the ride itself was challenging on my bike. i definitely had to get off a few times and walk up the grades and hills if they were too long, or too steep. my cruiser isn't made for hills. but it was fine. the rest stops were awesome and were filled with so much food, i didn't ever want to leave. let me mention that orange slices and fruit snacks have NEVER tasted so good. anyway, a lot of you have asked me if it was fun... and i'm not sure that's the appropriate word. ha.. it was different?

this was us at around 7 in the morning.. before the ride.
all happy before the ride

bomber babes ready to ride!

this was us after the ride. we still looked hot.. i think if i had a miserable and unbearable time, i would not have looked this good. ahhahaha
karen and jennster

kerry and jennster AFTER the 40 mile ride!

our team tent was vastly superior to every other tent there (except smiley jack- we loved your tent)... but our tent was better because we WON best team tent AND best team jersey!!!!!
ms 119

winners!!!!  best tent and best team jersey!!!

i will say that every.single.person who passed me on my bike, or who i passed made a comment on how much they loved my bike.. how crazy i was.. how impressed they were with me.. all really positive and nice things. so that was fun for me. :) i am certain if they had a coolest bike award, i would have won dammit!!!!!!

the overall day was fun times, with fun friends.. and new friends!


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NancyC said...

Absolutely awesome that you did this and I like the jerseys.

Jim said...

Kick ass gurl.!!! way to nail it!!!