Monday, August 23, 2010

i'll be up at the gym..

i have to share this with all of you because it's exciting. or i'm excited! or something!

i've been posting on and off for years now about all my fitness adventures. doing p90x... the shred.. cleansing.. body wraps.. having both the shred & p90x give me massive(r) thighs. (shaddup kristen).

i'm sure in all my posts about working out, i may have mentioned once or twice (or 50 times) how much i loathe running. how it hurt my knee. or how i literally could not run for an entire minute without feeling like i wanted to die. yet my happy ass could be on the elliptical for an hour and be perfectly fine. it never made any sense to me, but i just chalked it up to the fact that i simply wasn't made to run.

i have to tell you that i've been on the treadmill for probably two months now. wait, i'm not writing this from the treadmill... like, i'm not on there right now and i've never left and i'm living on it or anything. i mean, i've been working out on the treadmill for 2 months now. now that i've cleared that up.. ha!
i've never felt better. i feel like i've never looked better. my legs have changed shape and i see pictures of myself and i don't want to throw up. i think i look freaking hot. i feel like i look hot. and i swear it's all because i've been jogging/walking. i can now jog consistantly for almost 40 minutes without stopping. this is something that you have to understand i thought i would NEVER be able to do. i'm not saying that my legs are suddenly amazing and i should be a model or anything, i'm just saying how jogging has made ME feel about myself. i like the way i look. i want to continue to look better. i feel like jogging is the reason for this change. and yes, my legs are still thick.. my ass is still huge.. and my hips are still wide. DON'T.CARE.

it has taken me this long to get to this point, but i love everything about it. my legs are firming up. they are toning up. they are getting smaller. nothing has given me results the way jogging / walking has. so i'm here to tell you that if you're someone who thinks jogging isn't for you... give it another shot.

i started with walking mostly and doing intervals of jogging for as long as i could take it. which was literally probably 1 minute at a time. i would go at a pace of 4.0 and i would go for an entire hour, so i would do 4 miles. anyway.. i kept pushing myself to jog more and more and well now.. almost 40 minutes straight suckers!!!!! i love it! i think i'm inspired by my new fantastical legs. lol or the fact that i just feel like they are fantastical.

so yeah. jogging. the miracle workout. who knew?


Anisha said...

Well good for you for finding what works for you! I know some people who try something and give up and never try to find another solution......I'm lazy myself, so I applaud anyone who works out!! Yay for you (I'm clapping, LOL)

Babitosdad said...

Good for you! But don't blog about your fantastical legs and then not show them off. Let's see 'em!

jennster said...

i showed you ONE leg in the picture in the end.. freak!!! LOL.. bwahahahaha

Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

and thank you becky for taking that amazing picture of me.

you're welcome jennster!

lol j/k you ARe hot. OWN IT BITCH!

Alison said...

And it's free!!! You look great! :)