Tuesday, June 01, 2010

june 1, 2010

it seems like every memorial day weekend the past few years has been spent at the baseball field (probably because it has). i can't complain though. in all honesty, i really do freaking love it. what more do you need than hot weather, a little baseball game and a cold beer? (i guess the beach would have been the only thing to make it more perfect)

here's the boy pitching at replica yankee. look at all the fans in the outfield! lol
swim 010

we play at these fields that are replica big league stadiums and the kids freaking love that. so we're in the championship game.. it's literally the bottom of the 6th (we play 6 innings in tournament ball) with 2 outs and we're down by 2 runs. blake is up to bat and he has a hurt and bruised thumb. the kid freaking ropes one to right field and it's gone. totally and 100% a home freaking run... but what happens? the ball rolls once it hits the ground.. and on those turf fields, the ball doesn't stop until the kid either grabs it or it hits the wall. it rolled OUT OF PLAY and they ruled the hit a double. blake had to go back to 2nd and the kid who scored had to go back to 3rd.

we ended up losing the game. but man oh man was that hit awesome and what the hell... i'm kinda miffed that the ball could even roll out of play. they have fencing almost the entire length of the field except for maybe a 10 foot section. buy some freaking fencing for that part idiots! yeah, i'm only pissed cause it was my kid, our team, etc. ha.

moving on.

no really.
i'm moving on.
cause i'm clearly totally over it.

today blake had a swim party and bbq with all the other 6th grade schools in his district. basically, it's all the kids he just went to camp with. and well.. crazy diving board jumping ensued. this is my fave pic from the day
jumper blake

tomorrow is graduation.. or promotion.. or whatever. a ceremony saying he did what he was supposed too and passed elementary school. more pics i'm sure cause i just bought him the cutest clothes to wear!

happy june everyone!


Alison said...

Congrats to Blake on the home run (it totally should have counted as one!) and on his promotion. Middle school, yay! :)

P.S. Can Blake teach Nick how to hit the ball? I just want him to hit the ball. Is that too much to ask? :)

Twenty Four At Heart said...

This Memorial Day was the first time in YEARS we haven't been at a baseball tournament. My youngest is now a HS freshman. They pretty much play year round in high school - but no Memorial Day tournament. It was wonderful!

Katie said...

Congrats Blake! And in my mind, he freaking won the game!