Friday, June 25, 2010

it's so easy to fall in love

last night some girlfriends of mine came over to my neck of the woods and we went out. i love hanging out with these women because we always end up going places i've never been. our first stop was to this restaurant that of course, i'd never been to before. i've seen it a ton of times and boyfriend and i always talk about how we should stop in there for a drink or something... but we never have. and most likely, we probably never would. so we were there for hours. laughing so hard my cheeks hurt.

after we were done, we wanted to go dancing. but everywhere was freaking dead. i mean, NO ONE was out. there is this old theatre that has concerts all the time and there was a concert last night. so someone mentioned that we should see how much the tickets were and go watch. after i finagled the tickets to a ridiculous price, we headed in.

none of us had ever heard of brandi carlile before. but i'll tell you something... none of us will ever forget her. holy freaking shit... this chick was amazing. her voice was so strong and powerful- her band was awesome and adorable- and it was great freaking music. i don't know if it was seeing her live... hearing her live.. or what. i guess her music is bluegrass.. or folk.. ?? i'm not sure what category it would fall in, but it was amazing. and all of us freaking loved it.
i might have told the adorable cd selling chick that if the 2 guys who played the fiddle and the cello were for sale, i'd like to purchase them and put them in a corner in my room so they could play me to sleep each night and wake me up every morning. then she told me SHE GETS THAT cause she's on the tour bus with them. HA.. jealous!

but THAT my friends, is what i call living. doing something you wouldn't normally do on a thursday night. paying money to see a band you've never heard of before... and then loving said band!!!! seeing a great show, with great music, great instruments now not only do they have a new fan, but now i have new music to listen too. and a new style of music. and something i wouldn't have normally found out about because i don't think she gets radio airplay or anything like that.

i love everything about that.

and now i have to share her with the world.

world, meet brandi carlile and her band.

this was one of my favorite songs from last night by far...
it's called WHAT CAN I SAY

i don't know.. it's just exciting and fun to find new things.. meet new people.. discover new sounds... new anything- anything that is a break from the boring ole norm. you know?!


KLS said...

I love Brandi Carlile. I first heard her a few years ago when she opened for the Indigo Girls, and I actually enjoyed her set better than the IG. She is fantastic!

Alison said...

Apparently they play her music on one of our local stations, KPRI. I'll have to see if she's playing any time soon around here. :)

Glad you had fun! (And now I have Linda Ronstadt stuck in my head, thank you very much.)

Vicky92569 said...

I hadn't heard of her, so thank you for sharing. And, it sounds as though you had a rockin' girl's night!