Monday, June 07, 2010

i think this is when it all starts to change...

in a couple of weeks, my little boy will be 12 years old. all i know is that my child keeps getting older and i just keep getting hotter. thank the goddess. ha

(this is him last week when he graduated/promoted from 6th grade.. it's all funky cause i needed to blur out the random kid standing next to him.. but doesn't he look so cute?!?)

next year he starts junior high school. and i am terrified that this is where i start losing him. his attitude is already changing. he's definitely getting more sassy and snappy and backtalky. i think that junior high is where it all starts going downhill. everything you've tried to keep them from, they find out about. everything you don't want to be around them, will be around them. or at least they'll be exposed to it.

it's scary.

and i think he's going to change. and i don't want him to change. at least i don't want him to change in a negative way, you know? ugh. all of this growing up makes me want to throw up. when is he going to stop wanting to hang out with me? this year, huh?

i can't take it. i want it to be like this forever...
mom & son

can i pay him to like me?


Kaneel said...

He is so cute Jenn. I can't believe how big he is.

Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

1. you look skinny. bitch. 2. i am going to DIE when i see him in a couple mos. i can't believe how old he is. 3. jr high is when my mom lost me. and so i plan on losing hannah and liv at about that age. i'm already sad about it. it sucks.

Alison said...

He would take cash, I'm sure.

Really, though, the kids that twist off in middle school are the ones who have no one to report to after school. They hang out at 7-Eleven or who-knows-where with the wrong crowd and they get into trouble. Make sure someone is there to pick him up after school (you, BF, carpool, someone) and keep him in baseball. His coach will encourage him to keep his grades up and he'll be too busy with extracurricular activities to just hang out.

J from Ireland said...

Oh jaysus Jenn you have really hit a nerve with me tonight. I am in over my head at the moment with my two older ones, a 14yr old boy and a 13yr old girl. They used to think I was great and I was cool and now the feckers hate the sight of me, they think I am a gobshite who knows nothing and my mission in life is to destoy their fun. Luckily, I still have a cute 10yr old and the adorable 2yr old otherwise I would feel totally unloved by my children.
Sorry for being so negative, its been a difficult day.
The best of luck to you!!

sugaredharpy said...

No, no! He's a boy...they still love their mamas as teenagers. I have two, and they will totally hug me in public because it's their idea! Crazy! But boys are awesome during this time.

My sister's daughter would die of shame if my sister spoke to her in public.

jennster said...

oh j.. i am feeling for you. i am so sorry, and you know it's nothing you do or did... it's the stupid kids all getting older, brattier and just... UGH!!! it's so sad- i wish we could make it stop. why does it have to be like this?

hang in there love- it has to change... eventually. lol

Chantel said...

My son will be 12 in August. He started 6th grade (Middle School) this school year. He has changed immensely. Some for the better, some for the I wish I could lock him in his room forever.

It'll be okay. I'm holding firm to the idea that boys always love their mama' matter what!

Doesn't mean I don't wish daily that he was still my baby boy and not a dude! Who is almost taller than me!

Keep the lines of communication open. So much happens in Middle School and yes, they see and hear more than we want them too.

Hmmm, this comment isn't turning out how I intended. Maybe we should just lock our babies in the house?!