Saturday, June 26, 2010

i cried in a verizon wireless store today

normally i freaking sing verizon's praises. i have been a verizon customer since they came into existance and started taking over other cell phone companies. i swear it's been over 10 years. i've made numerous people switch carriers and get verizon so we could have cell to cell chats. i have loved verizon, even when verizon hasn't loved me back.

but now? today? right this instant? i'm beyond pissed off.

all three of our cell phones have sucked ass lately. in all honesty, boyfriend and my lg voyager has always been sub par. everytime we try to connect to the internet, it shuts itself off. it is always screwing up something. but we've sucked it up for TWO years with a shitty phone just waiting until we can upgrade.

i went into a verizon store to ask about the phones... why don't we get service in our home anymore? why does it shut on and off all the time? the guy told me there was a software update available for our phone that would fix the bugs and issues.

so today, we brought all 3 phones in for updates. the guy working asked me if i had the data backup assistant.. i told him that my phone did, but the other 2 didn't. he said that there was a possibility that we could lose "data" during the update. we said okay and then were told to come back about an hour and a half later to pick up the phones.

when we came back into the store, we were told that 2 of the phones took the upgrade, but one of them didn't. of course, it was MY freaking phone. i was totally irritated and annoyed, but said "whatever".. grabbed my phone and headed out the door.

it wasn't until we were driving away that i realized my phone wouldn't turn on anymore. it didn't just NOT take the update... it was broken. so i turned around, went back into the store, and asked what the fuck happened?? and then i was told that the update fried my phone and that I WAS TOLD THAT COULD HAPPEN.

i'm sorry.

what the fuck did you just say to me????

I WAS NOT TOLD THAT THAT COULD HAPPEN! i was told i could lose DATA, not my entire phone.

and you know what they said and did?

the manager took the salespersons side. he said that the salesperson said i could lose data or my phone. i told him (with the salesperson standing there) that he did not say that. and if he DID intend to say something like that, maybe he should word it more clearly. like, THERE IS A POSSIBILITY THAT THE UPDATE COULD FRY YOUR ENTIRE PHONE AND IT WILL NO LONGER WORK.

i realize that's hard to say.

cause who wants to be held responsible for shit like that?

so they told me that they couldn't do anything for me. i was almost eligible for an upgrade, so did i want to do that right now? i told them i wasn't ready to do that yet. plus, the phone i want isn't available and has like a month wait. so wtf?!? then he went into the back and came out with a used phone and told me he could sell it to me for $80.

this is when i lost it.

i said.. "i came into the store with a phone that worked... and i came back to a phone that won't turn on. I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING. YOU BROKE MY PHONE and now you want me to PAY MONEY to get a new one?!?!! i didn't do anything to my phone. i didn't break it."

and i started crying. because clearly, i hold it together well.

i was just so upset that they were not trying to help me. they were making this my fault.. my responsibility and that they were telling me that i had to pay for a new phone.

i seriously expect to be treated better.

i am a fucking awesome verizon customer. i really am. and in return, i expect to be treated like an awesome verizon customer.

especially when something like that happens. i'm sorry verizon, but when YOUR SOFTWARE UPDATE results in the loss of an entire phone- why is this MY problem?!?!?!?

i don't know, but apparently it is. and for that, i hope they go fuck themselves.

ps- what does that mean for all of you who text and call me?!??! well you can't. cause i have no phone. and clearly, that is MY fault.


Audrey at Barking Mad! said...

I created this design for t-shirts with a black silhouette of a pair of testicles with a silver vice grip superimposed over them, tightening on the balls. On the side of the vice grip was the name of various cell phone carriers.

Yeah, and then my mom, the attorney, told me it was a stupid idea.

After reading this post, I'm thinking it's NOT such a stupid idea after all! Of course there's that pesky little thing with trademark infringement but what's a law suit or two when your balls are in a vice grip.

What size would you like? The t-shirt's on me!

P.S. the whole thing started off because I was wholly pissed off at Sprint, our carrier. We all had LG phones and they suck ass. They just do. Sprint wouldn't do shit for us, despite paying for the fucking insurance plan every month on all FOUR lines!

We just upgraded. My hubby to a crackberry and me to a 4G droid. We shut one line off (OMG, what a joke! We've had service with them since before Eve bit the apple and we still paid out the ass to shut one line off) and being that my daughter is getting ready to deploy to Iraq, we had the other one put on a military deactivation...but we STILL have to pay the insurance for that line every month.

Anyhow, at this point, because we wanted to get away from the LG phones and upgraded a month early, we are so far into Sprint that I think it's safe to say they'll be choosing our nursing homes at this point.

If anything is gonna force me to go live off the grid, it's the damned cell phone companies. But then of course I couldn't play my silly Vampires Live on my phone. Yeah...balls...Sprint has mine!

Al_Pal said...

UGH. Horrible. I had an annoying thing of overcharging happen with them, but I didn't alert them to it early enough, so they couldn't do much.
Gave me a little credit, but nowhere near what I was out.

Vicky said...

I sort of love AT&T. Been with them since '98. Anytime I have an issue with billing, I call them up and they credit me. I have an iPhone, which I love (and will be upgrading to the 4G shortly once all the furor dies down.)When I walked into an Apple store a couple of months ago to complain about 2 malfunctioning iPhones, they had me make an appt for a couple of days later. When I sat down (finally) with rep, they exchanged both phones on the spot. Flawless customer service (and I am in that biz)The only inconvenience was that I had to back up my phones to secure my data. Consider changing your cell service - and good luck.

Nyt said...

We've been with AT&T for years now and we're pretty happy. But I will say this. Several years ago we were offered that "free" phone thing by mail. Although we didn't need it, we took it anyway. Just an ordinary phone, no bells or whistles. We've used it twice now as repair issues have taken Himself's phone out of commission. A quick sim card swap and we're good to go. I have an Iphone and (knock wood) it's been very good to me.
Now, the few times something like this has happened to me? I like to go into the store when it's busy and just begin talking with the customers about what happened to me. Just browsing and making pleasant conversation. Eventually someone will ask you to leave, then I pick up some random object (like a cell phone case) purchase it and leave. Only to return ten minutes later, start chatting again, someone asks me to leave, I exchange the object I've purchased, leave and ten minutes later the whole thing starts all over again. Eventually, I get exactly what I want based on the annoyance factor alone. I've done this a couple of times and always won. (even when the cops were called). Plus, it's never taken me more than an hour... It embarrasses the crap out of Himself, (he prefers to get all indignant and military on people) but I do better with the whole passive/aggressive thing. All these stores have sales quotas that they need to meet, and while they might not give a crap about me personally (btw I don't need them to, I just need them to do what I ask) they surely give a crap about 5 possible sales hitting the door....

NGS said...

I have a Sprint story and a wrong $600 charge I had to pay up front in order to keep my credit in good standing. It later got refunded, but it was $600 I didn't have at the time.

So sorry you are dealing with this. I would contemplate switching carriers if I were you (although it seems like they all kind of suck)...

Alison said...

We like AT&T! :) But I can't believe your issue wasn't resolved....if I were you, I'd call the customer service number on your bill and tell them the story. Surely something can be done.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Wow, just wow. My husband has a Droid, but this makes me wonder if I really want to deal with this company on anything more than my little cell phone.

I'd keep making noise---talk to someone at the company---that isn't right.

Katie said...

WHAT THE FUCK!!!! Assholes!!!!!

MY blackberry had an update and it fried in and Att pretty much did the same thing...

Catherine said...

I have had many customer service problems in my time and honestly most companies try to resolve it without problems however when I have had a few problems that were beyond ignorant I went online to and sent a letter through their system and got a response within a few days and the problem resolved within days... Love that website!!

texas math said...

The only (and best) advice that I can give is to keep complaining up the ladder. Everyone has a boss, and chances are the more times you ask "let me speak to your supervisor" or "let me speak to someone at corporate" the better chances you have that they'll bend over backwards to make it up to you.

Meg @sleepynewmommy said...

I would have done the same thing. When I get really pissed, I cry. I cannot believe that you went through all of that and they were telling you to pay for another freaking phone.

In the past I used US Cellular and loved them. Never had any problems and the one time I washed my phone and needed to fix it, they warned me that trying a new battery could totally fry it and I'd be without a phone. I was cool with it because THEY TOLD ME.

I only switched from US Cellular to AT&T because I wanted a damn iPhone. The 3G service is terrible and I'm always losing my calls, but at the least the customer service is good. Silver lining, right?!

Hope this gets cleared up for you soon. I can't imagine being without my phone!

Ericka said...

i had sprint for eons and they sucked. i hated them. and then i went to att and got an iphone. love love love my iphone (although the new software kind of sucks) and so far (knock on wood), no problems. well, except for paying for 3g and only having edge here, which blows but 3g may be coming this fall. hopefully.

my plan was to move to verizon when/if they ever got the iphone, but maybe i'll just stick with att.

seriously, keep going up the ladder. i'm no good at it, but my cousin destroys phones almost weekly and through sheer annoyance factor, gets every one of them replaced by the company. (i used to have him call sprint for me...)

good luck!

Smug said...

I had Verizon a long time ago and left cause their customer service was so bad! I have been with At&t for several years now and have been mostly happy with their service and I LOVE my iPhone!!

I like the idea of talking to other customers in the store until they give in and fix the problem for you. You could also send an e-mail to their corporate headquarters with a link to your blog post and all the comments (especially all the comments). Let corporate know just how powerful blogging can be!!

Oh, I just had another idea, have several friends so into the same store, asking about phones (make it something big, like they are thinking about signing up for 12 lines or something) then have them get a call from you, they then tell the manager and sales people that they are taking their business elsewhere since they were just told by another customer how shitty the service is there.

I would leave their asses as soon as your contract it up and would make their lives suck ass until then!

Anonymous said...

I work for AT&T in headquarters. If I were you I would see if you know someone that works for Verizon HQ and see if they have an internal escalation process like we do. I have the ability to get people up to the office of the president with concerns and complaints... Or come on over to AT&T and let me know how I can help you. You can contact me at if you want.
Verizon usually does a better job than this - I'm really surprised and definitely see why you are so pissed.