Monday, June 14, 2010

graduation & shirtless underaged boys

*imagines how many pervs are going to find this blog post now in some gross search for underaged boys. ewwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! and note to pervy types- stop it dude. get some freaking help cause that shit is sick and you know it.*

boyfriend yelled at me last night because i haven't updated my blog SINCE LAST MONDAY!!!!!! it has been a whole week!!!!!! did you die without my updates?? i didn't think so. but i love how he acts like we weren't just out of town. and i love how he also acts like HE WASN'T WITH ME OUT OF TOWN so he clearly knows that i did not blog while we were in southern california!!!

we went down for my nephew's high school graduation.
blurry graduate

my nephew loves me and this is proof (i think)
me & my nephew

he also loves his sister

my sister threw a bbq that had enough food to feed a small country.

it was awesome! doesn't my mom look completely thrilled? ha

my brother & his girlfriend came out from vegas, which was fun! my brother is crazy, hyper and a total spaz. he's also funny as hell. and this is just further proof ladies that guys never stop doing the type of shit that drives us crazy.

isn't he an angel though?

i attempted to convince boyfriend that him and i could save the entire planet just by moving there!!!! and that miracles could and would happen everyday!!! i think we're expecting.

this is my nephew and his super cute girlfriend. adorable, no?

we played volleyball in the backyard
grad 128

grad 130

and then the boys took off their shirts and turned into boy models.


and finally.. we did some jumping!




Alison said...

Love these! Congrats to the nephew! I love the girlfriend's glasses...I think I had that same pair back in '87. :)

Meg @sleepynewmommy said...

Jumping pictures! I always think of you when I see pics of people jumping. :)