Thursday, June 03, 2010

change is in the air

.. it's the shift. the massive spiritual, earthly, whatever you want to call it, shift that is currently going on all around us.

you know you feel it too.

frustration. irritation. confusion. uncertainty. longing for change. the searching and trying to figure out what would make you truly happy. unrest. desire for something to be different. unhappiness in current situations.

it's a weird mix of emotions that's happening to a lot of people right now. and when i hear an enormous amount of people expressing the same types of feelings, i know that there is something bigger going on. something more.

and i'm no exception.

but thankfully, i already feel different than i did last month. it's like i still have no clue what's coming or where i'm headed, but i feel more at peace than before. i feel more settled internally. like a resolution IS on the horizon (i'm totally feeling july here people) i'm just not certain what that resolution is.. or will be.

i'm ready for change. i'm ready for lots of things in my life to be different. i want positive, happy, life changes. i just wish i knew exactly what the hell i wanted so i could make it happen. i guess i'll figure it out at some point, or the right thing will come to me.

the boy is out of school today and thus begins his summer vacation! i'm excited for summer, but it's never been the same since i moved up here. i don't think northern california believes in warm summer nights. and that's what i miss. well that and a backyard to hang out in. and friends to hang out with.

i need to take a solo vacation soon. i know, being unemployed is so stressful that i need to get away. but i want to go visit my gf in jersey who just had her second baby. i haven't seen her since we took blake to new york for his 10th birthday two years ago. i'm used to seeing her every year so i'm not down with this length of time apart.

anyway.. what about you? any unrest or odd emotions going on with you lately? any cool plans for summer that i can be jealous over? :)

**and more importantly.. one of our own has lost one of her own. i'm thinking about katie and her family in this horrendously difficult time. she could use your words of support.


Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

First comment! YAY! Do i get paid? lol j/k i agree with you. i've been in a MAJOR funk forever now and then like all of a sudden this week i feel better. just turned around instantly. so weird. i feel better. i dunno. and yes you do need to go see tray. wish i could go too!

jennster said...

it's funny you say that becks.. cause that's exactly it. a huge funk and then there was a major planet SHIFT and it was like instantly.. we all felt better and more peaceful. CRAZINESS!!!!