Wednesday, May 19, 2010

seriously taco bell? REALLY??

look, i love taco bell.

love it.

it had been a joke for as long as i can remember that i'd have taco bell cater my wedding. (dammit, why didn't that happen? could you imagine the make your own nacho bell grande line? i'd have never left it!!! heaven! clearly boyfriend hates me and everything i love)

moving on...

now, i understand that the bell has to compete with other fast food joints when it comes to their menu and pricing. which is the only reason why i can assume that their new $2 meal menu has sprung to life. don't get me wrong.. i'm all about a freaking meal at t-bell for 2 bucks, but um.. can someone please explain to me how the hell DORITOS got included in this meal deal thing???!?!

who the hell said it was okay for taco freaking bell to include a bag of chips that are not taco bell nachos, with your meal deal?!?!?!??! who approved this????

and why the hell would anyone want to buy something that you could buy at the freaking grocery store? if those $2 buck deals included regular nacho's that would be one thing.. but a bag of chips? a stupid bag of chips? um, what is this... summer camp?

i just think it's cheap. and crappy. and i honestly don't understand why anyone would possibly go to taco bell to buy some freaking doritos. you don't go to any fast food place to get food you could get at safeway. you go there because the grocery store doesn't sell what they do. if i wanted doritos, i'd go home. i'd pack myself a lunch and call it a day.


clearly i'm all riled up.

over taco freaking bell (and this isn't the first time).

clearly they should offer me a job. this passion i have for them is ridiculous.


Andie said...

as soon as I saw the commercial, I thought the same thing- I didn't understand why they didn't just include the chips they put in nachos with a scoop of the fake nacho cheese? Doritos? really? how crappy.

I haven't eaten at the Bell in over 6 years, so I can't say I love Taco Bell like you, but I think this idea is really stupid.

Or you know, instead of "chips" they could do a pintos & cheese or cinnamon twists. Not stupid doritos!

Annie said...

i went to TB the other day and saw that and was thinking WTF?! ha!!
i don't get why they don't have the "nachos", chips and cheese off their menu offered instead of doritos! just crazy!! stupid TB!

Katie said...

I think you need to talk to the MAN over at TB and let them know this is not ok.

Alison said...

This is news to me! I agree, it's ridiculous. Nothing says fast-food Mexican food like Doritos. :)

Kimberly said...

Ok, first... thank you VERY much for planting the idea in my head and forcing me to eat Taco Bell for lunch yesterday. ;) Dang pregnancy cravings!

And yeah... Doritos at TB is pretty lame. Although, I guess I can SORT OF see what they're thinking... it's like a meal deal at Subway or someplace... but still. Stupid. It's Taco Bell, FFS!

Jenna said...

I love TB but this is the weirdest campaign I have heard of. I heard it on the radio and was thinking "3 ITEMS FOR 2 BUCKS - HECK YEAH!" but then they said that one of those items was a drink and that the other was these Doritos and then just one item is actual food from TB. I thought to myself that that sucks and that I won't be ordering that...EVER.

Smug said...

Doritos go with a sandwich, not a taco, not mexican style food in general! You are totally right and you should generate a petition and we'll all sign it and send it up to the big wigs at Taco Bell!!!

Anonymous said...

They're owned by the same company. It's a huge conglomerate YUM foods, I believe. Not that that's a reasonable explanation.

Meg @sleepynewmommy said...

Here in Oklahoma we have Taco Bueno and it is, like, a million times better than Bell. I know you think it's blasphemy, but they give you a bag of fresh made chips and amazing homemade salsa.

Just one reason of many that you should come visit me. :o)

JayMonster said...

Unfortunately it seems that while Pepsi spun off their food division some time ago, clearly there are still some ties there (Pepsi owns Doritos). Honestly, this wouldn't sound like a bad idea... for a kids meal. But as an overall bargain deal... well... let's just say I'll pass.

I adore Taco Bell (almost) as much as you do... but they have made some of the strangest business decisions with their menus over the years.