Tuesday, April 06, 2010

not having a job means I GET A SPRING BREAK!!

which in reality... is pretty damn exciting!

so for the whole week, me and the boy are down in southern cali. we've already been worked out by my devil sister and her spawn of satan manchild. seriously, they are pushy. i almost puked while running yesterday. granted, i'm a total pussy when it comes to running, but we had just eaten breakfast less than 30 minutes before!! i can't do that. my stomach needs to be all digested and what not before engaging in physical activity. (not all physical activity mind you.. ba chicka bow bow) are you grossed out now? totally imagining me all full of food doing dirty things with my boyfriend? well you are NOW aren't you?

perverts. ha

in all reality, i had hoped that i would have some interviews lined up since i would be down here a full work week. i figured it was perfect timing. i was here. why not interview? a lot. but um.. it hasn't worked out that way. i mean, that would have been super quick, but crazier things have happened. they're just not happening right now.

and that's okay, because then i really enjoy being down here without any other pressure other than to have a good time with blake. i love being here. i just feel like there's so much to do whenever we want to do it. we have friends to see... super roller coasters to ride... a beach that has been calling my name since the day i left it....

you know what was funny? yesterday while i was playing catch with blake i told him that i needed to bring flowers to michelle's grave. (i try to go "see" her everytime i come back home) i asked him if he wanted to come with me. he told me that he never knew her (she died before i had blake) and that he didn't want to go. but then he paused.. and i could sense his little 11 year old mind turning and he said to me, "what would you PREFER i do?" and i almost started cracking up. because ladies, boyfriend has started to teach blake that WOMEN DO NOT ALWAYS MEAN WHAT THEY SAY! haha.. he has told him that when they ask men to go somewhere with them or do something and they say they don't care if you go or not.... that usually means they care. good lord. so i informed blake that i didn't need him to go and in all honesty, it was up to him. i am not sure he believed me (thanks babe). I TRY TO SAY WHAT I MEAN DAMMIT.

alright. my psycho workout sister is starting to get antsy. today i have to ride a bike while she runs. as long as my ass isn't the one running, i don't care.

but i'll probably still die. wish me luck.


Dan said...

You're the coolest Mom ever, playing catch with Blake!

I bet you throw like a girl though! ;-)

Alison said...

Ya goin' to Disneyland this week? We'll be there Thursday. :)

Tell Sue hello! And Cindy and the manchild too!

Katie said...

I love that he said PREFER haha what a smart boy!