Monday, April 19, 2010

life is good

boyfriend and myself were IN a wedding this past weekend. our good friends (one of bf's best friends.. and my super good friend that i've known since 7th grade) got married. i started getting super excited on friday, right before the rehearsal. i don't know why i was as excited as i was.. i mean, it wasn't my freaking wedding for pete's sake, but for whatever reason, i was coming outta my skin with uber happiness!!!

it was just a really nice time with some really great people. the wedding day was a long one, but it was really nice to meet loree's other bridesmaids. we all tried to figure out where the hell i was when loree met these girls because i had never met them before. we decided i was away at college and then they were away and our paths just never seemed to cross. but they were so awesome and it was such a great day!! as i sit here and type this, all i can think about are the PICTURES and how badly i want to see them!!!!!!

can i just thank the goddess right freaking now that the photographer took some really nice shots of boyfriend and myself? it didn't even occur to me.. at all.. to ask anyone to take some pictures of us together. and he was in a tux!!! what the hell man. i always think about pictures and having ours taken, but it never even crossed my mind. i'm so unselfish. ha. anyway, i can't wait to see those pictures because the photog let me preview them on his camera and they looked SOOOOO nice!!!!!

i hate waiting for pictures.

i have no patience.

which is why i like to take all the pictures myself.

anyway, the wedding was really nice. the couple is so close to mine and boyfriend's heart that it was a personal day for us as well. i would glance up at him during the vows.. i locked eyes with him as i walked down the aisle. i'm just so in love with him. he's so freaking funny and dorky and a total goof. but i love all that stuff about him. we're both so foul mouthed and i forget how shocking our personalities can be to people who don't know us at first. but that just adds to the fun, ya know?

i'm in such a good place these days. SO UNBELIEVABLY HAPPY!!!!!! and i wake up every morning feeling so awesome and thankful for everything. but that's a post for another day.. you know. like tomorrow.

i can't wait for pictures!!!!!!


Katie said...

I can't wait for pictures either! Sounds like you had a great time! :)

Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

this makes me wanna cry because you deserve to be this happy again. you truly do. and what's funny is that when me and the man met y'all...foul mouths and all..we fell in love with BOTH of you. so you know how you felt when you watched jimmy and loree? that's how WE felt watching y'all get married. it was awesome. anyway, it broke my heart for you to be so miserable at work and it makes me so happy that you're truly back to yourself again. and loving this time off. i love it FOR you.

what i hate? that you reply in your comments. LOL. email me biznitch. xo

jennster said...

becky- i reply in my comments because THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE WHO COMMENT ON MY BLOG DON'T HAVE AN EMAIL LINKED... so i'll get an email from them with a question and i can't email them back!!!!!! it's the worst.
i hate commenting IN my blog post, because who the fuck remembers to go back to a post by a certain person and look for a response?!?! sure as hell, not me!

Alison said...

Oooooh, tell Jimmy and Loree congratulations! I love weddings! We have two coming up (one up your way) and I'm so excited!!! :)

Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

i only did this time cause i knew you'd reply here lol. but i agree and that's why i truly hate blogger. i blogged about this a few weeks ago. at least at WP you HAVE to enter an email and all your comments get emailed to you with that person's email so you can email them back. or if you comment in your comments you can reply back to them and it goes to their email. i heart it. cuase when i was with blogger i hated that NO ONE put email addresses in their profiles. SO ANNOYING.