Thursday, April 01, 2010

can we please talk about driving at night?

i seriously need to figure out if i'm the only one with this problem, or if it's not just me.

the other night boyfriend and i had to drive up to see my mom. we had to drive up a highway that has no street lights and it's a 2 lane road.. dark as hell.

i feel like i can't freaking drive at night anymore. when other cars come at me, i can't freaking see anything. their headlights are so g-damn bright, that i have to look down at the road to try and find the lines and follow them.

is it just me?!?!?!

or are the new headlights RIDICULOUS???

or is it just me?

omg, what if it is just me?!?! i'm totally going blind. or blind at night. shit.

i started to get worried. and i was telling boyfriend that when the cars would be in the other lane, i seriously couldn't see the road anymore. their lights killed me. and if a car would come up behind me with those new headlights, they blinded the fuck out of me from the back.


am i just getting ridiculously old and feeble, or does this happen to you too?


NGS said...

Well, I'm getting old and feeble, too, so it's hard to say if it's you or me or you and me, but I have problems with those really bright (are they halogen?) new lights those newfangled cars have these days, too. Plus, now I drive in the city 95% of the time, where headlights are completely unnecessary so when I go somewhere where there's an actual NEED (AKA - someplace where you can see the stars), I'm usually freaking out thinking about children of the corn anyway. So. Okay then.

Alison said...

For the cars behind you, adjust your mirror up so they aren't as bright.

I'm frightened of two-lane highways, so the fear of dying distracts me from the crazy headlights coming at me.

Jill said...

About the time I hit your age I had trouble seeing tail lights.

They all blended together at night into a huge blob on the freeway. I went to the eye doc and he said it happens to a lot of people either to headlights or taillights.

He precribed some glasses to wear at night that let me see the road much better and made everything come back into focus at night. Now it doesn't bother me but I need to go get them adjusted again.

All part of aging me dears. I will be 60 in September and eventually........I don't want to think about!

nancy said...

i have the same problem with the new bright white head lights. they are horrible

Katie said...

this totally happens to me too! So i watch the white line on the outside of my lane so I don't crash them haha

Ericka said...

it's not just you. they used to regulate the brightness and the angle of headlights and either the regulation is gone, or they're all ignoring it.

some of the newer headlights are so bright that they're actually painful.

Grand Pooba said...

Totally happens to me too, I can't stand it!

jennster said...

jill.. they totally aren't blobs, they are literally TOO FUCKING BRIGHT! like they BLIND me from looking straight ahead anymore.. i have to look down or it's like staring into the freaking sun.

SUEB0B said...

I think it is a combo of old and feeble and waaaay too bright. I hate the huge trucks that beam lights right in the side view mirror...some of the lights are so bright you could play major league baseball out there on the road with them.