Wednesday, March 03, 2010

you'll probably think i'm ridiculous after this one

but hey.. what else is new? ha

i have to throw a bridal shower for my good friend who is getting married to one of boyfriend's best friends. with me so far?

that part is fine. the throwing of the bridal shower. but i immediately started freaking out because where the fuck was i supposed to have this shower at??? you see, the ugly house is... well.. it's ugly.

and i'm embarassed to have people over at my house when i'm not proud of how it looks. there's a reason we haven't had a housewarming party yet. yes, we've lived there 2 years already. shut it. i'm just not ready to entertain in it. the carpets are ruined. there is dog hair everywhere.. and on everything. the kitchen constantly looks awful because of the way the countertops are tiled. i could clean them with a freaking toothbrush and bleach and they'd still look dirty. it's just old. and it looks it. the fact that people are coming over in the daylight when they can see out of my windows and into my backyard almost makes me want to throw up.

but i don't have a choice. i have to throw this party for a bunch of people i don't know.. in my home. and i'm hating everything about that. have i mentioned the fact that some of the chicks coming are people that boyfriend went to high school with? and dated? and these fucking girls are going to be in my home?? my HOME. my PERSONAL space.

i pretty much hate everything about this entire situation.

we looked into renting a space somewhere, but i'm not paying $500 bucks to rent a location for a freaking bridal shower. that is ridiculous to me. plus i'm not in any sort of situation to spend that kind of money on something like that.

so at my house it is.

am i being a complete ridiculous bitch on this one?! or just ridiculous?


tom the girl said...

No, you aren't being ridiculous. I wouldn't want people into my house unless it was perfect. But since my home never is, I have to deal with it.
My suggestion? Make sure you have decorations (like flowers) around the place so ppl focus on that instead, and maybe make the kitchen into the bar. Keep the alcohol flowing, and they won't even notice the counter tops!

Good luck!

jennster said...

THANKS! those are great ideas!!! :)

Courtney said...

Do you have a friend that would lend you her house? A friend of mine and I have both swapped places for events that didn't work for our own home. Good luck!

Andie said...

courtney has a great idea. another one is if the weather is nice- do it outside. do you have a nice backyard? I would imagine in CA the weather should be pretty decent.

Make the focus of the party on the food and decorations, and I promise that they won't notice your house. (just focus on the bathrooms and the kitchen as being REALLY clean and decluttered) and the living area, and then dress it up with decor for the party.

I doubt your house is really that bad, but I know what you mean. You're not ridiculous. Also, like Courtney suggested- do you have a friend whose house you could use? My house is a weird configuration so sometimes I see if I can use my sister's house. LOL

Andie said...

ps- great resources for party planning and decoration- hostess with the mostess and everyday celebrating!

Becky at said...

you're not crazy. i left you a comment to this in the forum because i'm too pissed to say what i want to say here in your public comments LOL

mamabird said...

I can completely relate. We have some parts of this house that are so embarassing. But at the same time, maybe we could see some pictures and then perhaps we'd tell you it isn't as bad as you think!

NGS said...

I feel you. Our furniture is kind of embarrassing. It's all hand me downs and ripped up and egh. My solution is just to cover stuff with blankets and whatnot. Now it looks like an old lady lives here.

But here's my mentality on house guests. If they are strangers and they judge you because your house is whatever (old/ugly/modern/filled with plastic over the windows), who cares? You'll never see them again. And if they are close friends and they judge you, maybe they shouldn't be your friends.

At least that's what I've always told myself.

Alison said...

Your house is fine! All of the suggestions are good ones...put lots of flowers and shower decorations up. Make sure the space you'll use is super-clean and clutter free. If you don't want them looking in the backyard, close the blinds a little (but still let in light!), and have some of your awesome cupcakes ready on the kitchen counters. They won't see past them! :)

Have fun!!

norcalgirl28 said...

Okay, I don't know if this is completely out of the question, but why not ask boyfriend's mother if you can have the shower there? It is a great house to have a shower in. Just a thought.

Grand Pooba said...

You need to throw the shower at the bride's house for heavens sake! It's her shower!

sugaredharpy said...

Definitely don't worry about anyone judging you, at the least. ESPECIALLY not the boyfriend's old girlfriends....because who is fucking him now and wearing that ring? YOU ARE, GIRL!

Cover up the countertops with a pretty fabric runner, have flowers, the liquor and don't worry about it ;)

Katie said...

I would feel the same way, do any mutual friends live at an apartment complex with a club house you could have it in??

If not I agree with the other girls, outdoors or decorations could really help out the situation!

SUEB0B said...

Yeah, I understand. I never invite people over because..well, it looks like I live here. And I am not organized or tidy.

But on the other hand, I went over to my friend Bruce's house the other night (he is 83). His house is a total sty. But did I love him less? No, because he is cool. So. My message to myself, and you, is that people who love you will keep loving you.

And the exes? He married YOU! You win!

Catch the Kids said...

I totally agree with NGS. People never enjoy a party because of an uber-stylish house. Some of the worst gatherings I have ever been to have been in "perfect" abodes.

Most people wouldn't remember what your house looked like once they leave. They WILL remember whether the hostess was cheerful and welcoming. And it sounds like they will remember those cupcakes.

By the way, see if you can leave out anyone who makes you truly uncomfortable. I'm sure the bride-to-be will understand. Good Luck!

Michelle@Everyday Celebrating said...

well.. first.. thanks to Andie for recommending my blog. Second.. contact me or come over to my blog and get some ideas. Rock out this bridal shower and show those other girls you're incredible! How about this kind of shower?