Thursday, March 04, 2010

potential meltdown crisis adverted

we are clear to land, over.

the craziness from yesterday is all okay!!!!! my friend's future mother in law said she would have the party at her house. she is my saving freaking grace i tell you. saving.grace.

so now i don't have to worry about any ugly house debacles and i just have to worry about planning! which i really love to do and think is super fun, but also super hard when you have NO spare time (it feels like) to do anything. finding time to get shit done is hard.

anyone have any super cute (yet easy and non wallet breaking) clever ideas for bridal shower favors for the guests? i've seen millions and like a few.. but you guys always have creative ideas that you pulled from wherever the hell you pulled them from. and great website suggestions (like yesterday andie, thank you).

i have been working a lot behind the scenes on something i'm hoping will take off in the near future. i've also been watching this freaking video (i've been watching bits of it over the last 4 days and i'm still not finished- it's in 2 parts) about the mayan calendar. this guy breaks it down so simply, it's super interesting. i've really loved that he said that our mind is not who we are. our mind is a TOOL. and it's designed to protect itself and always be right. which is why our mind fights our soulful intuition so much.. our mind deals with reasons- and our intuition doesn't always have a reason, you know? it's hard to trust our gut and go with that feeling, because our mind will talk us out of it. it will put fear and doubt into us and make us question everything. i already believe all of this stuff, but it's still neat to hear it put in different ways that just make more and more sense to me.

it's hard to learn what part is intuition and then how to follow it. i guess it's a constant work in progress. i'm willing to work on it.... i want to follow what is the right path for me, in my soul.. not in my mind. cause i believe that my soul path will make me truly happy... and my mind doesn't know wtf is up. ha

okay.. enough scaring y'all for one day.

thanks for everything. seriously, you guys are the best and i really really appreciate each and every one of you for being so kick ass, supportive, and amazing. kisses. xoxo


Andie said...

No problem! there are plenty more out there- those were the first two that came to mind...

as for gifts- what about cookie cutters with a recipe?

soap? gloss?

(I'm guessing you are talking about favors, right?)

Anne said...

Aw mom! She's so helpful - glad to hear you got it figured out!

Grand Pooba said...

Hmmmm. When I think of what you're saying about the mind not being who you are and it's hard to go with your gut feeling because the mind is always talking you out of it, I think of the relationship I have with my husband.

Mind is logical. Soul, not so much.

The hubs is definitely the mind thinker in our relationship and I am the soul thinker. He's the logical one. He keeps me inline and I keep him sane lol. Maybe a mixture of both mind and soul is good to live by.

Okay, sorry....

...Babies. Showers...

I got some really cheap mini baby bottles and filled them with little ball candy in pastel baby colors, they turned out really cute and were really cheap. I mean these bottles were maybe like 3 inches, just tiny. Anyway, oh hey, I did a blog about it back in the day and it has pictures of them if you want to see go here:

(God that took forever to find that link! You better be grateful)

The bottles are in the third picture down, you can barely see them because they are camoflouged and after looking at them again, they were really like 1 or two inches!

Pooba out.

Alison said...

I don't have any ideas for really fun favors, but I am certain you will find something. Yay for future MIL saving the day! :)

norcalgirl28 said...

Okay, so do we have a theme? I gave my friend a bridal shower years ago with a "Round the Clock" theme and it turned out great. I started by giving her a little crystal clock. When I sent the invitations out I gave everyone a time of day, girlfriends got 1:00 a.m., 2:00 a.m., et al, Grandma got 1:00 p.m. and so forth. She got a great mix of gifts from teddies from the early morning crowd to picnic baskets, placemats, etc from the daytime crowd. It was really fun. As far as favors, I was given a shower and the gal who gave it to me asked everyone to send her their favorite recipes and anything else they felt was appropriate. She made a binder for me with all the recipes and a 1950's instruction sheet for the wife (put a ribbon in your hair and make sure the kids faces are washed before your husband gets home crap) and copied and made little booklets of the same thing for everyone at the shower. I loved it and so did everyone else. People put little notes on their recipes and what kind of wine they had with it etc. Hope this helps a little bit. Let me know if you want me to run around with you one weekend and tie up the loose ends. XOXO