Tuesday, March 09, 2010

i am totally going to work for 7 freaking eleven

do any of you watch undercover boss? i watched my first episode by accident this past weekend with the boys.

it was the CEO (joe depinto) of sevie (7-eleven) going undercover at his stores to see what the employees do, how things are handled, etc.

i freaking bawled my damn eyes out through half the flipping episode. this guy was so unbelievably awesome.
he appreciated the employees who worked there.
he wanted to get to know them as people. he wanted to hear their struggles, or why they worked there.. what else they were doing.. about their families.. their dreams, etc.
he wanted to hear what they had to say about working for sevie... the good and the bad. and he wanted to make changes if what he heard wasn't okay with him. one of the employees told him that he felt there was no growth there for him. and the ceo didn't like that.... he wanted to foster an environment for growth.
he was surprised at how hard everyone worked. or how hard and busy the work was from all aspects of the company.
and he told the employees that they did a good job. that they worked hard.

and after he revealed himself as the CEO of the stores, he freaking rewarded some of them with amazing things like their own franchise... an opportunity to manage a chain of stores... a foundation in one of his employee's name!!! how awesome is that?!?! and who the hell does that kind of thing anymore?!?

THAT is the type of person who should be running large coporations. that freaking guy almost inspired me to want to work for seven fucking eleven. but really, i think that's what we all want as human beings. to be appreciated for the jobs we do.. and be treated well for doing them. we all have a story to tell. it's nice when your boss is the one who WANTS to do the listening.

i know a lot of people who could take a lesson (or 50) from joe depinto.


Katie said...

I LOVE undercover boss! And how sweet was Igor on that episode??!!

Yvette said...

That show rocks...you need to watch the other ones.

Some of them actually brought a tear to my eye and I'm not a crier.

Alison said...

Careful now. :)

But I do agree with you.

Wanna open a franchise together and drink Slurpees all day? :)

carrie said...

I saw the ads for that show and am now going to have to check it out!

They should send you royalties for good advertising!