Friday, March 12, 2010

comfort foods & um.. ears that won't pop

when i'm sick, i find that i want the same kinds of foods over and over again.

grilled mother f'n cheese

stouffers frozen mac n' cheese

that chicken broth soup that's all tiny skinny noodles...

yeah. those are it for me. i can't get enough grilled cheese. WHY?!?!?!

i'm so weird.

and freaking sick. i had an awesome fever on wednesday night with chills that would literally send waves of freezingness through my body from head to toe.

did i mention i had to fly to LA the next morning?!?!

it's a good thing my fever broke somewhere in the middle of the night. probably when i woke up completely drenched in sweat.

so i flew yesterday. i felt like shit. my plane flight home actually made me cry.

real tears.

my ears wouldn't pop. so i felt the sharpest pain all through my sinuses and into my head. i thought my brain was going to blow into a million pieces. it hurt so fucking bad.

hence the crying.

when we landed my ears still hadn't popped. but thank the goddess the pain was gone. i just couldn't hear.

about an hour after we had landed, my left ear popped.

and it was LOUD! and it hurt. for the love man, what the hell did i do to deserve this?!?!

my right ear popped too. loud again. and hurty. but it's still not completely popped.

which is annoying, but i kind of don't care because all i want to do is go home and sleep. but i'm at work. doing paperwork cause I AM A GOOD WORKER!!!!! but soon, after my paperwork is done. my bed is calling me.

and so is a grilled cheese.

do you have comfort foods?


Issas Crazy World said...

I'd put money on the fact that you probably have a sinus and ear infection and need antibiotics. Sorry friend.

Gah, I've had that happen before. Where I cried the entire flight. Makes me never judge the crying kids on planes.

Mine is grilled cheese. Also egg sandwiches.

Andie said...

next time chew gum the whole time on the plane. helps tremendously!

and my comfort food- Vietnamese Pho Tai. or Hot & Sour Soup.

Alison said...

Macaroni and cheese, Top Ramen soup, tuna casserole (gross, huh?), chocolate...

Feel better soon!

Katie said...

mmm grilled cheese! We had that for dinner haha

Karen said...

Egg in the hole and wonton soup.

jerseygirl89 said...

Most foods are a comfort to me - hence my waistline - but grilled cheese is one of the top ones.

Also, I've flown with a sinus infection before and oh my goddess, it sucks. I'm so sorry.

Ali said...

grilled cheese. YES.
and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

god, I've had the ear popping thing. THE WORST. I hope you feel better soon, lady!

WarsawMommy said...

Grilled cheese.

Spicy noodles.

Jam-filled donuts.

Yogurt with honey.

KRAFT DINNER. (Sadly, I cannot get KD here in Poland. So when I am ill, I am ever more miserable. Oh, I miss KD when my head is streaming and my chest hurts and I am coughing until I am purple. Sigh).