Friday, March 19, 2010

apparently vegas has SANDSTORMS

yeah i know it's in the desert. but i don't know that i've heard of sandstorms happening there so badly that no planes can land or leave.

can you tell what happened to me last night? my plane out of burbank to oakland was delayed because our aircraft was stuck in vegas. my last LA trip with my current job couldn't have gone smoothly.... noooo, that would be too easy...

when i got to the airport, i was told it was 2 hours delayed. within minutes that 2 hours turned to 3. and it would have been awesome if i could have high tailed it over to a hotel and crashed out because believe me when i tell you how flipping tired i was. but i couldn't do that. cause i promised blake i'd go on his field trip with him today. and i signed up for that trip at the beginning of the school year.

so i sat in the airport.

until 1 in the freaking morning.

all so i could be home today to go on the field trip from hell.

it sounded fun... whale watching and whatnot. but it was totally false advertising. it should have been called, drive 2 hours to a beach and then hike all day long. have fun!

hiking and sweating after no sleep isn't my idea of fun. hell, hiking after 12 hours of sleep isn't my idea of fun.

so now i'm home... with my eyes failing me as i type this... but i did get some pretty pics to share and i feel like i haven't taken pictures in a really long time.



Grand Pooba said...

Go to take a nap already!

(But then don't forget the pictures)

Alison said...

Those freaking whales. :)

How come you didn't get to get on a boat to whale watch?

Katie said...

that sucks! I hate when those field trips are a scam!