Friday, March 05, 2010

an amazing blog post (just not mine)

one of my closest friends in real life becky (who also happens to have a blog), sent me an email yesterday imploring me to read this post. she told me i HAD to read it. HAD TOO. MUST. that it was the best post she'd ever read, hands down. i would probably die a thousand deaths if i didn't read it. or at least get crabs or something.

when i saw the title of the post (nella-cordella-birth-story) in the link she sent me, i actually hesitated to click on it. i thought, "oh lord becky.. what the hell is going to so special about this post?!?!" cause you see, becky loves stuff like that. she's a nice girl. she loves mommy stuff. she loves reading other mom's super personal experiences like that. she'd probably read strangers birth stories all day if she could. but me? i'm not a super mushy girly girl who likes to read about other women's birth stories. especially if i don't know them. it's not that i don't care.... i'm just not into stuff like that. i don't know. i'd rather read about someone picking out their new puppy. i know, i know, i'm a heartless bitch.

after a little bit, i finally clicked on the link. right away i was captivated by the nella fantasia poem she posted. i loved it. so i kept reading. and she got my attention immediately with her first damn sentence. and i kept reading. all the way to the end. where i noticed that there were 1948 comments. good lord.

anyway, this post. becky was right. it was one of the best blog posts i've ever read in my life. it was honest. and we all know how much i appreciate honesty- even when it's not popular. even when you think people will judge you and look at you with horrified eyes for saying what we all most likely would be thinking and feeling. i appreciate it when someone says out loud the things people don't want to say.... or admit. and she did that. she was emotionally honest. and it was a beautiful thing to read.

and then there were her pictures!!!. i sat there looking at her thinking how stunning she looked. and then i thought to myself, "hell if i ever have another kid, i'm totally going to get my freaking makeup airbrushed for birth so i look perfect in all my pics." ha but really... i'd never read her blog before and i found myself just staring at her thinking of how gorgeous she truly was. and how inspiring her post was. and how she went through this transformation and she wrote it so well and shared it will all of us.... and how lucky we all were to be able to read it. so thank you becks, for sharing that link with me. because i definitely wouldn't have read it otherwise i don't think.

the other thing that stuck out at me, which i'm sure most people probably didn't even notice (or maybe they did). it's weird what stands out to me in other people's posts. the details. the little things. she briefly mentioned a book. a million miles in a thousand years by donald miller. she said she read it and was inspired.

i like being inspired.

i like reading things that inspire me.

so i think i'll get this book. and i think i'll grab a copy for my friends who are moving back to LA (lucky son's of bitches) and starting a new adventure.

has anyone else read it or heard of it?

and oh yeah, go read that birth story. you know, if you're into that sort of thing.


Becky at said...

lol i KNEW when i sent it to you you wouldn't wanna read it at first. because you're right, i totally do love that stuff and would probably read it all day long. BUT that's why i sent it to you...because it wasn't like that. it's about the baby being born but also about SO much more. i've read that post 3 times already and plan to 100 more times. it's just the most amazing thing ever. so glad you shared it here. love you tons.

Issas Crazy World said...

I read it too. Was captivated by her words. Her raw honesty.

I've now also added her to my reader.

Becky at said...

me too issa! immediately added her to my reader.

Anonymous said...

hi, it's your brother and michele. we are on the open high seas of the pacific towards our los angeles arrival tomorrow. yes we're on the ship's computer writing you an e-mail..hahahaha. puerto vallarta was 90 degrees and in the 80s at mazatlan and cabo. tons of pictures for you to ignore on your email..hahaha michele says HIIIIIII!!!! we are also tan just from the few days..bye

jennster said...

LMFAO- best comment ever brother jim. HI MICHELE!

Grand Pooba said...

Oh my god, what an amazing amazing story. You were right, once I started reading, I couldn't stop. I am so glad you told me to go read it. Now I hope she doesn't mind if I follow her along on her beautiful journey.

Jenna said...

Yes, Becky was right. Best post ever. So candid and real and amazing. I'm now a reader of her blog, too.

Thanks for sharing...

The Random Blogette said...

Thanks for sharing! That was an amazing post. I have added her too!

Meg said...

I read this too and talked to Becky about it on Twitter. Can't believe how amazing/heartbreaking/honest/beautiful the story is. I cried forever over this story.

Let me know how that book is. I just might have to pick itup.