Friday, February 26, 2010

i know i suck lately

it's just been that i don't have stuff to say all the time anymore. nah, that's not entirely true... i don't have things worthy of a blog post all the time. so instead of posting nothing but crap, i don't post at all. (however, today i bring you a post of nothing but crap. yum!)

i was thinking the other day when i was driving about how lucky we all are to live in america. i know that sounds cliche and whatnot, but really..... there are SO many things that we have that we take for granted. not necessarily through any fault of our own. i mean, it's not like the majority of us were raised without the ability to find clean drinking water. i know how much water i drink a day. and how much i freak out when the filtered water at my home tastes disgusting. i refuse to drink it. i refuse to drink out of the tap. wow, i'm a total water snob. could you imagine if i couldn't find clean water to drink?!?!
i think i'll list some charities who focus on bringing clean water to those who don't have access to it. do with it what you will..
maybe you'll read about their charities and be inspired?
maybe you'll donate money to the cause.
maybe you'll donate your time.
maybe you'll start your own charity
i honestly don't know, but these are some awesome projects you should read about.

i was just thinking that we were lucky. we have so many things here. so much opportunity. yes, times are hard. yes, our government can be extremely fucked up. but we have it pretty good. when it comes to the basic necessities for living.. i think the majority of us are doing okay.


that was random eh? and not so crappy. i mean, charities aren't crappy. unless they lie and suck just take your money and run. then... crappy.

know what isn't crappy? my cupcakes. (look, i warned at the beginning of this post)

i've been baking like crazy! i love making cupcakes.. they're fun and yummy! :)
chocolate cuppies w/cookies & cream cheese frosting

red velvet birthday dozen

fondant daisy close up


end random, weird non crappy post.


Andie said...

you are right. we take a lot for granted.

and feel free to send me some cupcakes. my birthday is in a month! ;) LOL

Katie said...

those cupcakes look amazing, martha better watch out!

Anonymous said...

Do you do cupcake charity boxes for those of us that are cupcaked challenged? I have never been good at cakes. Pies yes, cakes no. Maybe because husband is not a cake person (good thing eh?)

I have given to the clean water project for a couple of years. I don't catch Oprah often but I happened to catch the one she did on this charity group a couple year ago. 92% of your dollar goes to the project itself. I would recommend it to anyone think of donating a few hard earned bucks. Those people are awesome!

mamabird said...

Your cupcakes look awesome. I tried to make pretty ones for my daughter's 1st birthday but I couldn't get them to come out of the bag properly and ended up in tears because I made her ugly cupcakes. I ended remaking them the next morning with better results, but I just spatula-ed on the icing (frosting if you speak American!).

Alison said...

I need one of those chocolate cupcakes with cookies and cream cheese frosting STAT. Oh why must you live way the hell up THERE???


Lara said...

1) You don't suck. You're awesome. :)

2) I remember totally feeling that way about taking things for granted when I got back from Africa last year. Suddenly there were real faces to put to the problems I'd always heard about but ignored. We were really blessed to be a part of helping the children's center we worked with there get water. We brought a well with us and once on the ground, they were able to install it and get it running. Now when we go back next month, there will be running water, and we'll know that we were a part of it. It's an amazing feeling, and we feel like we're taking a little less for granted.

Thanks for getting the word out about some great groups!

Catch the Kids said...

Those cakes look so good!

hesperia ca water delivery said...

Your cupcakes look appetizing!!!