Thursday, February 04, 2010

calling all bloggers who design!!!

i am in the process of needing a few things designed and i figured WHO better to ask then my fellow bloggers who design on the side?? or my fellow bloggers who are super talented, but don't get enough business, or enjoy designing.

i love my fellow bloggers and so i want to support them.

here's what i'm looking for (and will pay for):

1- a really cute logo of a girl- who is cartooney, but also resembles the ster. in theory she would show from head to toe and would be holding something in her hand. cutesy, but not annoying. slightly sexy, but nowhere near slutty. this is family show. lol

2- a template that would have the existing logo incorporated in it. this would be used for monthly newsletters, so i need to be able to type in it and email it out. but i'm looking for a cute design that would be the border of the page, etc. (think word document)

3- possible business card design

4- and a website banner/header (to be used on website and blog)

let me know if you're interested. you can either talk to me in the comments or email me directly at jenn(at)jennster(dot)com.

thanks in advance!!! :)

UPDATE- this is not for a blog makeover, or this blog. this is for a business, so everything needs to look and feel professional, while still being fun and silly and happy!!! :)


Tara said...

Hey girl. I am super interested in helping you out. The image you would have to get from istockphoto or dreamstime, or have someone draw something up for you. The rest I can do no problem.

Here is a link to my design site.

and the most recent blog i just finished

KLaw said...

Visit my friend Jessica at this that and your blog (she's on my side bar). She's great!

Grand Pooba said...

Sounds like you've got a bloggy makeover on the way! Hell no I can't do that shit. But here are some people that can :o)

(april would be a good one to do your sexy but not slutty cartoon character)

Mommy Melee said...

Your best bet is usually to search istockphoto or other stock sites for an illustration you like. It's WAY cheaper to buy one and have it modified than to hire someone to draw an original illustration for you.

PrincessJenn said...

You know who does really great designs, like what you're looking for is Colleen (Messponential)
She's got an amazing eye for color and layout.

Aaron Smith said...

Nic (@mybottlesup) pointed out your need for a designer. I would love to help you out!

I've done business cards, more "professional" sites, logos, banners... the whole shebang. I do believe we can figure out something that is going to be fun and happy while still being professional looking... and not costing you an arm and a leg. ;)

You can see some of my work on my site: 100000words.

Feel free to contact me via twitter (@culturalsavage) or shoot me an email off the contact page on my site.

Issas Crazy World said...

My girl, mommygeekology does what you need for a living. She did my blog...but she designs corporate shit too. is her blog address. She has a professional one too...but I'm not remembering it. Her twitter id is @rentageekmom and @mommygeekology

Alison said...

Ooooooh, I'm so excited for you! :)

Katie said...

I'm sorry but I SUCK at website design....hahaha

lurker :-) said...

for business stuff, you need to check out

she totally nailed my company's logo and did it in a DAY. She's got a bunch of packages where you can get letterhead and email tags and you name it. She also does website design. Again, check her out.