Wednesday, September 02, 2009

why i wanted to shank the woman who sat in my row on my plane ride but i didn't because i don't even have a shank and really, who does that?

probably people in jail, but i digress.

i flew down to burbank yesterday (the land of holy fuck, another fire.. please stop burning. i love you so much that it hurts me to see this. thank you). so the first thing that happened on my wonderful and amazing flight was the cocksucker who sat behind me actually reached his hand through my seat to MY window and shut the shade. i let it pass because there was another window not too far from me, but i was still completely shocked that he did that. i mean, WHO DOES THAT????

well at that point, i'd seen nothing yet.

this freaking chick proceeds to sit in the aisle seat of the row i'm sitting in. she promptly takes up both seats with her stuff. she throws down the tray from the middle seat and puts her starbucks coffee on it. and some papers. and a book. and whatever else will fit on there and spill over onto me. then she tosses pieces of a newspaper all over the middle seat. puts an enormous bag there and then squeezes another one under her seat.

the thing is though, i wouldn't have cared at all if she wanted to use up all that room if she just would have said "you don't mind if i put my stuff here do you?" i mean, it's just common courtesy. right? you don't own both seats. i don't own both seats. i would NEVER put my stuff there without asking the other person if they cared or not. but maybe that's because i can see outside of myself sometimes. so the whole flight i was annoyed that this chick was so selfish and apparently so self involved that she felt she deserved 2 seats..

anyway, i started writing in spirit magazine... and i wrote "this chick next to me just took up 2 seats with all her crap without asking. so rude. don't you hate when people act like that on flights?"

and then i stopped.

and i was upset that i put such negativity out there. that i wrote it in a magazine that i hoped someone else would read. i figured they'd agree and laugh and probably be like... ah, that sucks. poor person. but then i realized that i didn't want to put ONLY that out there. so i started to write other stuff. and i flipped the pages and found myself writing things like:

are you living your dreams? why not?

are you trying to achieve something that seems out of reach? go for it! i believe in you. you can do it!!!

don't live the way you think others expect you too.. live the way your heart wants you too.

and things like that. i wrote a lot more, but each one was just very positive and affirming and i felt good about it. i know it sounds silly, stupid or crazy.. i mean, i told my sister what i did and she said i was a weirdo, while looking at me like i was insane. but i think that if i was flipping that magazine and read all those things, i'd smile. who knows, someone might read my words and be inspired to do something more with their life. something they have been afraid to do. it actually reminded me a lot of post secret and the notes people leave in the post secret books at bookstores. it's about encouraging people to chase their dreams. telling them it's okay to go against the norm and do what they truly want. achieving true happiness doesn't come from someone else telling you how to live your life.... it comes from within. sometimes, we feel like we have no options, or we feel trapped. i know it's hard to do what we want- life gets in the way. money holds us back. trust me, i can relate. and sometimes people need to hear things, even if it's from a stranger.. or read on a blog.. or some note scribbled in a magazine on an airplane flight.

i don't know. all i do know was that it made me happy to write those things. it made me feel good. and hopefully, if my words in that magazine do that for even 1 person, that will make me happy. of course i'll never know, but still.... i'll just tell myself that somewhere right now, someone i don't know is reading my words and they are smiling.

and that lady from the plane? she ended up being 2 people down from me in line at the rental car counter. and she started yelling at the wonderful women who work there (whom i love because i see them every 2 weeks and they are always so kind and good to me) things like "THIS IS HOW YOU LOSE CUSTOMERS!!!! WHAT KIND OF CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THIS?!??" just general nastiness. it took EVERYTHING in me to not turn to that lady and tell her to shut her fucking mouth. but instead, i just made sure the women who worked at hertz knew that i appreciated them and that i knew how wonderful they were. because they are.

and so are you.

this is like a pollyanna fucking post. i'll bitch about something tomorrow.



texas math said...

And the award for longest blog post title goes to.....

jennster said...

me??? does it go to meeeeeeeee?


i never win anything!

becks said...

omg. are you high?

i love you.

russ said...

mmmm Starbucks. You should have taken a huge swig from it. She maybe would have confronted/attacked you and been arrested for disrupting plane operations. Or you could have put some of your belongings next to hers - to mix things up.

Grand Pooba said...

That wasn't totally pollyanna, there was some nice bitchin there at the beginning, yes that lady was rude and all but that guy bugs me more! Reaching from behind? That's just creepy in and of itself but then closing the window is just rude.

But look how you were able to turn your frown upside down! lol

Katie said...

I can't believe that douchebag put your shade down!

mamabird said...

Someone putting your blind down, that would creep me out. That's an invasion of personal space! Now, as long as someone doesn't open up the magazine and wonder who the hell had the audacity to write all over the magazine! haha.

Kathryn said...

this post pretty much sums up my day today - trying to focus on the positive but the negative is just so bloody overwhelming!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jenn,

With Hertz Gold Club you can bypass the counter.

The End

PS - Sometimes life is like the infield fly rule

Tammy said...

Ummm..excuse me!!! i don't remember getting an email letting me know you'd be in townnnnnn....


fo said...

girl, you know with me it would have been ON, the moment the window thing happened

don't forget what i did to the girl in the saddle ranch

fo said...

girl, you know with me it would have been ON, the moment the window thing happened

don't forget what i did to the girl in the saddle ranch

Patois said...

It's because of people like her that we should be grateful we can't bring nail files onboard anymore. Aren't you totally glad that you're not in jail for shanking her?

The Peach Tart said...