Monday, September 28, 2009

weekend update

so first off, i'll have you know that i got super sick out of nowhere. and no, i do not think it had anything to do with the cleanse at all. i felt like i was getting a cold or something when i started the cleanse. anyway, by friday i was completely out of it. i didn't know what day it was and i had all the signs of a fever (sweating profusely, then normal.. then sweating again) minus the fever. it was the weirdest thing ever. i'm just happy i feel better! *the children of the world rejoice*

so after almost dying, we took the boat out on the bay! and right away i was so pissed off that i didn't bring my camera because it was such an awesome day. we went fishing and um.... caught a STINGRAY!!! talking about stuff like this isn't as fun when you don't have pictures to go along with it! so really, will caught a freaking stingray.. and while he's pulling it up so that he can get the hook and stuff back, i'm totally mesmerized staring at the things eyes and mouth. i mean, i've never seen one in real life. (zoo's or marine world doesn't count) i'm not even paying attention to the fact that the things stinger is flying around trying to sting boyfriend and it was crazy. but awesome! did i mention the guys caught 2 fish? well they did. we ate them.

after getting back from the boat ride, my hair (which had been in a ponytail mind you) was so freaking ratted up, that i started crying because i didn't think i was ever going to be able to get a brush through it again. i ran to the store to try to find some detangler and let me tell you, pantene's detangler can SUCK IT. it didn't work for shit, and my freaking hair (if you could call it that at that point) was in a huge ball of tangled hell. it took me 40 minutes to detangle my hair. conditioner. detangler. conditioner. comb. huge clumps of hair in my fist. and some scissors. oh yes, i had to cut parts out. so now i need to figure out a better way to put my hair when we go out on the boat cause i cannot deal with that aftermath again.

update on the cleanse? i'm on day 4 and i'm not really seeing any results in all honesty. the tea isn't doing anything for me, although i've started steeping it for way longer. so while i'm sitting here thinking that my colon is so clean, i have nothing in there, naked jen let me know that it means i'm SUPER blocked up inside and not the opposite. that's kinda scary. also, i started having super weird cravings. like for foods that i do not eat normally, or i try to avoid. like english muffins.. and baked potatoes... and mac and cheese. carbs anyone? i told naked jen about this and she said it's all part of the detox process. that i should be like "wow.. cravings for stuff i don't like.. neat" and then move along. i wish i would have known that before i actually gave into those cravings!! i figured i was craving it for a reason dammit. i guess i won't do that anymore. just adding to the blockage that is my apparent insides.



Becky said...

your hair is so long too. dude that sucks!

and omg at THAT blocked up. i crave carbs always anyway. like i todl you, if i did that cleanse it'd have to be for mos!

Paula said...

I am on day 7 of Dr. Natura cleanse, and I have to say NOT A LOT GOING ON (even less than what I normally do). I have upped the pills to 4, add a heaping cup of the powdered fiber stuff to my juice, and seep my tea for 5-10 minutes. I also drink the requested water amount.

NakedJen: Any suggestions?

Alison said...

Put your hair in a french braid. You'll be so 80s. :)

Twenty Four At Heart said...

Got the link up!
Maybe that will make you feel better?
I could have sworn you were on that page, but like I said it needs an entire redo!

jennster said...

ali- a french braid! perfect!!!!! god, i was dying!!! couldn't believe the rats nest that was my hair.

french braid next time, fo sho! rocking it!

NGS said...

Pantene anything sucks. I'm just saying.

mamabird said...

And if in the last part of the cleanse everything starts moving along, you're gonna be "where is it all coming from?"! Then you'll be wishing you never mentioned how nothing was moving along after 4 days. I'm glad you're feeling good.

jennster said...

paula.. i am TOTALLY seeping the tea tonight for the full 10 minutes. last night i did 6 minutes and i THINK things are starting to happen. i guess it might need longer- i drink tea daily, so maybe these herbs aren't affecting like they would someone who doesn't drink tea normally?

nakedjen told me that she thinks it's lots of blockage and i should get this aloe vera drink from whole foods! i'll have her come in here and talk to you too!
she's like our resident colon counselor. HAHAHA

jennster said...

NGS- no shit. but it was the ONLY PRODUCT on the shelf. wonder why. HA

nakedjen said...

okay, peeps doing the dr. natura cleanse. you need aloe vera juice. as part of your daily regime. go to whole foods and just get straight up aloe vera juice. it's in JUGS. keep it in the refrigerator. drink it in the morning. 8 oz. before you put ANYTHING ELSE in your beautiful bodies.

steep tea for 10 minutes.

are you eating plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit? more of that and less of other things? because that's important, too.

try to also avoid sugar, if possible. that helps, as well.

2busy said...

Thanks for stumbling on my blog and commenting.

I like the idea of a french braid, too. Or you could just shave your head and not worry about it, but I think braiding is a better choice.

Paula said...

Sorry to hijack your comments, Jenn, but I will see if I can find some Aloe Vera juice. I do not have a Whole Foods store in the area (hello...I live in the Midwest and we get everything LAST).

I do eat very healthy (lots of fruits and veggies). I think I have IBS issues and must have a whole lot of blockage. TMI to follow...I eat a lot of fiberous foods and tend to have bloating issues, gas issues, and usually go only little pebbles. I also drink a lot of water, so go figure! I KNOW...this is super embarassing.

I will seep the whole ten minutes tonight. I feel so bound again and hope that I see some results soon.

(exiting red faced and ashamed)

Kelly said...

I was going to suggest a braid and then wrap it around in a bun. I've found it stays out of the way and you don't wind up with a tan line where your hair was.

Also, I did the Natura cleanse by the book and got nothing extra fun. Did not try Aloe Vera juice though.

nakedjen said...

paula...there is nothing to be ashamed of. truly. and if you're suffering IBS, the aloe is going to help you tremendously in a lot of ways.

you can always contact me directly if you'd like. nakedjen at gmail dot com. i will help you in whatever ways that i can. IBS is a horrible thing to live with. let's get you feeling better!

and if i know where you live, i can help you track down aloe vera juice. i'm like a GPS for natural foods stores. seriously. and if i can't find one near you, i'll send you what you need. i'm good like that.

Ericka said...

i wear my hair in a french braid most of the time - unless it's up in a bun - you'd be amazed at how practical it is, really.

and, um, with your colon.

Cookie said...

Umm... I had to rad back one day to find out about eh cleanse... Umm... So now I feel connected to your colon somehow. ANd yet concerned about your tangled hair.
definitely issues need to be addressed here ;)


Nyt said...

Day 13 here and things are just beginning to happen. The dark circles under my eyes are beginning to fade (not a water issue, I've always been good about that) Random skin stuff? Check. Belly receding? Check. Craving peculiar stuff? Check. Multiple evacuations? Check. Sleep patterns altering? Check.

I'm sure that NakedJen is much more versed than I am in all of this, but I was taught to honor the cravings. Years ago, when doing my very first cleanse, I ate nothing but sunflower seeds for 3 days. I don't like sunflower seeds, but it was all I seemed to want. I freaked out, called the Witch Doctor, who proceeded to call me an idiot. Then he decided to tell me that when you're cleansing, your body begins to seek it's natural balance. You will crave that which your body needs, and apparently, in my case there is some amino acid in sunflower seeds that I desperately needed. Since everyone's body is different, everyone craves different stuff... who knows? It works for me!

Kimberly said...

Dude, braids!
And the kids' detangler sprays, like Johnsons, etc... work way better than "grown-up" versions.

Andie said...

Jenn! You know Naked Jen! She & I are friends! :)

How fun!

Jen knows what she is talking about! She's great!

Hope things get movin soon! ;)

jennster said...

paula... totally DO NOT be embarassed!!!! especially if it's going to help you, or someone else who might have the same issues but not want to post about it. i love the conversation within the conversation! yay!!!!

naked jen- thank you for your help colon counselor. lol

nyet- so fucking excited to hear that it started working for you. maybe since it is so gentle, it takes a little bit of time to get shit (ha) going in some people? maybe that's why they recommend doing it 60 days for the first time? i dunno.. i hope things start moving for me soon. so gross. lol

kimberly- omg, dur. kids stuff is always the bomb. you are so right! thanks!

OceanDreams said...

Hey, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet words! Glad to hear that the cleanse is going well for you, hope you feel better too. I guess you will lose even more weight if you are sick as well. Anyway, not sure if you are doing it to lose weight or just cleanse, but hope it continues to go well for you! Enjoy your day!

Nyt said...

Remember, it's not all about the poop! Although the poop part is probably the most obvious.LOL! Actually, the largest waste disposal system in the body is the skin, that's where I usually get my first clues. The other thing that I thought I should report is that I get the chills, and I will, occasionally run a low fever. Those symptoms have been explained to me as a sign that my body is dealing with the foreign substances that are being released. I'm happy to report that I'm currently freezing my ass off!

jennster said...

nyt!!!! well i totally got sick last week!! i didn't think it had anything to do with the cleanse, but maybe it did. it was the weirdest thing. i felt terrible and FELT like my body had a fever, but i didn't have one. maybe i had one of those BELOW your reg temperature fevers?? i dunno, but i was wiped.

talk to me more about the whole skin thing? what in your skin???

Nyt said...

Your skin is carrying all of the things that your body's cells don't, won't, or can't use. Along with that, your skin is also taking in all kinds of fab stuff from your environment. If your external environment stays the same and your skip flips out, it's a pretty safe bet to say that something's happening internally.

Every cleanse I have ever done (and I've been doing stuff like this for over 20 years) has shown up on my skin. From break-outs, to dry patches, hives, dark-circles, over-all oily, over-all dry, it's all symptomatic of our filters being stirred up and the blood carrying the waste away.

I'm starting to notice a change in the dark circles under my eyes. There's a dry patch of skin on my cheek, but the rest of my face is an oil slick. The upper part of my legs are dry, the bottoms are not.I seem to be breaking out in random itchy spots. Nothing lasts a particularly long time, and all of this, at least for me, is normal when cleansing.

This product is nice because, while it takes a long time, it makes the whole symptom thing totally manageable. The first really hard-core cleanse I did had me in bed or on the pot for the first seven days. I would, however, commmit to the sixty days if I were you. It's my feeling (and it's just that, a feeling) that it's taken me 13 days to see any marked progress, I can't imagine being "clean" as it were in another 17 days...

Anonymous said...

Ooooo! Spoooooky! I luv your changing backgrounds! :)
Sorry you felt so sick. Glad that you're doing better. Hope, "goes" well with your cleanse!
I HATE when I don't have a camera along for great photo ops!
I could totally picture the fishing story, though. Well, minus the people's faces since
I have no idea what they look like, (My brain just used some stock photos -LOL- to fill in the blanks. Do you ever do that? Like when reading a book, you have all these pictures in your mind of what the different characters look like? My "stock photos".)
but I could picture it. You're always so descriptive.
I feel for you with the tangled hair. My hair is naturally curly and always seems to be tangled. Ugh! I'm sorry I don't have any tips for you as far as detangling, cos I haven't a clue what works. I've done the scissors thing, too. I had a ponytail holder stuck like mad in a tangle that I got while taking the holder out. Cut it. (Why didn't I just cut the holder?!)

nakedjen said...

what Nyt shared about your skin is exactly right. it's our largest organ, actually, and will detox right along with the rest of our bodies. i do a lot of analysis of people's health just by looking at their skin.

so, yes, you can pay attention to your skin.

also, about the cravings. it is true that your body is moving back into balance. however, it is also my belief (and this is from doing cleanses for a very long time and being trained as a naturopath) that when you're craving heavy carbs it is because you may have an underlying candida issue going on as it FEEDS on sugar. so i don't encourage my patients to "feed" the cravings for sugar/carbs. sunflower seeds would be a totally different matter, though.

i really do encourage folks doing this cleanse to eat as many whole organic foods as possible while doing it. in their most natural state, if possible. i know it isn't ALWAYS possible, but it helps a lot.

and i also have done this cleanse for 60 days, as well, just to truly eliminate everything that needed to go.

Nyt said...

Naked Jen,
There are different schools of thought on the carb thing. Candida certainly is a problem (garlic seems to be the working cure of choice for me), but many believe (as do I) that carbs are essential for brain function. I suppose "honor" your cravings was a bit broad. I tend to honor those cravings with things like sweet potato, raw honey, and when desperate, quinoa pasta...there's something about pasta....
Anyhow, INMHO, the most important part of all of this is to soldier on, to the best of your ability.