Thursday, September 03, 2009

so my beloved disney bought marvel

am i the only one freaking out here?!?!?!?!

okay, i kind of understand why they did it. and i'm okay with the fact that disney now owns marvel (although i think lots of marvel fans are freaking out). but what i'm NOT okay with.. and what I AM FREAKING OUT ABOUT is the fact that bob iger (whom i love and adore and for all you non entertainment folks, he runs disney) said that the marvel characters "will have" a place at disneyland.

come again?
say what?

are you trying to tell me that spiderman will be walking around my land of dis holding hands with mickey mouse?

wrap your head around that one.


i can't have it. it makes me sick. i hate the very idea of it. now i wouldn't care if the marvel characters walked around california adventure. and i wouldn't care if the marvel characters had a place at the third theme park that disney will eventually build over in anaheim. but the thought of characters like spiderman, or iron man walking around disneyland makes me want to throw up. seriously. like i get sick to my stomach.

it couldn't be more of a NON fit. disneyland is mickey mouse.. and goofy.. and silly, fun, kid friendly characters. marvel characters are fighters.. and tough.. and just don't seem like the right fit for a place like disneyland. it was odd enough when star wars characters got introduced to the park. and i think that's been okay because it's been minimal and non intrusive.

i'm just worried. i'm worried about how one of my most favorite places on earth is going to change. i'm worried that it won't have the same feeling anymore. because that's why i love disneyland so much. i love the way it feels when i walk through the gates and onto main street. i love seeing the dopey characters that represent nothing more than happiness and smiles. i love feeling like i've just walked into a place where everyone is happy to be there and kids are in complete and total awe with every turn. it truly is a magical place. i just don't want it to change.


Anonymous said...

I agree w/you Jennster. I do not want to see Spiderman with Goofy or Mickey. It will be interesting to see how they handle this.

Alison said...

No way! Marvel characters at Disneyland are ridiculous. Walt would turn over in his grave, I tell ya.

Besides, who knows what Spiderman would do if he got his hands on the Disney princesses!

J from Ireland said...

Oh my God that is exactly how I felt in Disney World last year, it really is the happiest place on earth. Everyone is so glad to be there. We are already saving to go back in 2011.
I fully agree with you about Spiderman and the other fighting characters not belonging in Disney.

Katie said...

if marvel takes over the happiest place on earth I will have to take action... im not sure what yet, but I will do something!

-R- said...

Wait, there are Star Wars characters at Disneyland? WTF?

My husband is a huge Marvel fan and is really pissed off that Disney owns Marvel now. My opinion is: meh.

Lara said...

I didn't know, so I wasn't freaking out. But now that I know? Yeah, I am not okay with that at ALL. I completely agree with you - Disneyland needs to be kept simple and pure and classic! I love me some X-Men, but they don't belong in the Happiest Place on Earth.

Grand Pooba said...

They need to make a seperate theme park for the old marvel guys, leave disney land alone!

whizkidforte said...

ThankGod I live in Brandon, Florida, an hour from WDW! There's a pact that Universal agreed with that states that only its Islands of Adventure at Universal Orlando will be the sole park east of the Mississippi to utilize the marvel characters. Score one for Central Florida and me as a Passholder because I''d freak out if I see the X-Men cavort with Minnie, Chip, Dale, Goofy, Pluto, Pooh, Jafar, and others under the Sorcerer's Hat at Disney's Hollywood Studios!

As for you, Disneyland frequenters, I feel for you - Spidey and co have no place at your park!