Monday, August 24, 2009


we just got back from our weekend in washington. it was really nice and fun. and tiring. i'm freaking exhausted. went to pike's market and saw them THROW FISH! that was awesome. blake loved it! i was just happy they caught it. fish guts probably wouldn't be pretty.
he caught it

and we saw all sorts of peppers on display. washington people, do you put these up in your house or what? do you buy something like this and then randomly take out peppers to cook with each time you need one until your display is all lopsided and looks terrible? i'm sort of confused with the whole concept of pepper art.
peppers- another set

but i'm not confused with the amazing produce that is grown.. holy crow- delish!!! and so freaking colorful and bright!

we rode a gold pig. we are amazing.

we went up in the space needle, which was cool, but also a lot like being up in the empire state building. the elevator ride up is pretty nutty though- it's glass so you can see yourself going up up up up and up. eeeeek
view 1

we went to the locks, which was by far my most favorite thing to do. the fish ladder that was there was the neatest thing ever. watching salmon and other fish swim upstream was the shit! i don't know why i loved it so much, i just thought it was really cool. i took lots of pics of the fish trying to swim upstream, but all i got were splashes and water.. no fish.
those boats have to wait to come in until the other boats get out

blake tried his first oyster. and then he tried about 5 more. he spit every one of them out until he figured out just exactly what part of it he liked, and what he didn't. it was entertaining.

the boys went out in the family yacht. this thing cracked me up. and i also prayed the whole time that they wouldn't die.
washington 220

they didn't. so i shopped in this cute little coastal town that i sort of fell in love with and i took pictures of things.. cause i like to take pictures of things.

la conner pier


field of flowers

we went to buy some seafood fresh from this amazing little shop right on the water (apparently dirty jobs did a show there! hi mike rowe!!!) and of course, i went and laid on the train tracks and took some pics. **no jennster was actually harmed in the taking of these pictures**
train tracks by tyler's in washington

we ate amazing food. we saw incredible things. we had great quality family time. and we stole the neighbors dog. it was a great trip.
washington 207

daisy with stick


Alison said...

The picture with all the flowers is so pretty! And I love the neighbor's pup! :)

We were thinking of vacationing in Seattle next summer, with the kids, and I was wondering, now that you've been there....would a week be too long? Would the kids like it (they'll be 6 and 8)? Are there fun things to do there? It looks like you guys had a blast!

Cindy said...

I really enjoy your photography. It's beautiful. What a great passion to have! It looks like you had wonderful time on your vacation. I'm glad no one was hurt during the ride on the Yacht :)

jennster said...

ali- i'm not sure. we only spent the day in seattle. and really, i'm exhausted because blake needs to be entertained 24/7.. so it wasn't relaxing. all the other stuff we did was way more north at the inlaws property they own up there. i'm not sure i'd spend a week IN seattle- but what the hell do i know?! LOL

cindy- THANK YOU!!!! i had a great time taking pictures this trip! :)

Heather said...

You take great pictures! The trip looked amazing.

Jill said...

The whole idea behind pepper art is to be colorful and have it all hanging in one place so you can just go and get what you want, when you want. Of course grabbing the wrong one can be entertaining. But people hang all sorts of things from pepper art, garlic and some herbs as well can be involved. Its fun to compete with the neighbors. Glad you enjoy the Seattle area.

To whoever asked about whether it was a town for kids, my short answer would be no. It really is a adult town but always good for the kids to catch a Mariners game and a few things for kids but a week? Not sure I would do that for a Va-cay.

Twenty Four At Heart said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. You took some great photos. I love the train tracks! I haven't been to Washington for quite awhile although I was in Oregon last January.

Sunny said...

Glad you enjoyed Seattle and the Puget Sound area. Pike Place Market is entertaining and the fresh fruit is delish.

As a life-long Seattle-area resident (and also owner of a vacation cabin about 60 miles north of downtown), I think Seattle has lots to offer kids. The aquarium, museum, Seahawks, Mariners, Husky games, etc. The Pacific Science Center (Space Needle) is a fantastic place for kids. There is also the EMP for music lovers.

If you have more time to explore the area north of Seattle, a few days in the San Juans is great fun too (rent a cabin on the beach). Dig for clams, toss a crabpot out in the bay and enjoy!

Sunny said...

Also, with regard to the peppers, it's purely ornamental. Pepper swags/wreaths will dry nicely and brighten up a dull, rainy, PNW day for a few months.

Grand Pooba said...

I've always wanted to see them throw fish! Did they yell too? I love your pictures, the in focus/out of focus is my favorite type of pics! You're a good photographer, teach me!

btw, what a beautiful yacht you have! I'm just so jealous!

Kimberly said...

Fun! What awesome photography... lots of nice, shallow depth of field! I agree with you about the produce at Pike's Place... SO BEAUTIFUL! I was there with a girlfriend who moved up to Seattle, and she though I was a little ridiculous, oooh-ing and ahhh-ing and waxing poetic about broccoli and raspberries. But seriously, the MOST colorful, perfect produce, RIGHT??? And the fish throwers... it's crazy. :)

Anne said...

I agree your pictures are very pretty. I know you read "Understanding Exposure" and here I am thinking it's some new age self help book! lol

Sonia (formerly ddm) said...

Ster! I just checked in at Flickr for the first time in months, and saw your pics from your trip to Seattle. I live just North of Seattle, and LaConnor is one of my favorite towns in our state!! :) So glad you enjoyed it, even if you were busy to the point of exhaustion.