Thursday, August 13, 2009

(not so) funny people

we went and saw funny people last night. now i knew the movie was going to be more serious than funny, and i honestly wasn't in the mood to go watch it. i didn't want to cry (i didn't)... and i was kind of wanting something a little more light hearted. but the guys wanted to see it, so before i had even been in the house for 5 minutes after getting off of work, we were out the door. being rushed like that apparently doesn't put me in the best of moods. i.was.a.bitch.

seeing this movie made me even bitchier.

i'm not entirely sure what it was about this movie... but it put me in a worse mood. it wasn't horrible, don't get me wrong. it just wasn't uplifting or super happy either. the funniest part? the guys and i took completely different things away from the movie. where they saw the ex-girlfriend as someone who went completely crazy, i saw her as someone who was about to change her entire life for a man she thought truly loved her, and in doing that she was planning ahead. sure it might have sounded crazy and scary, but if it was real life, it would have been realistic. they didn't think it was depressing or sad... i thought it was both of those things. they seemed to appreciate it in a way that i didn't. maybe this movie appeals to men in a different way than it does to women? i don't know.. there was some very clever writing & i appreciated all of the entertainment/hollywood/being in the business stuff. and i definitely laughed out loud more than once. i just think it was too long... and the "point" of the movie wasn't really driven home. i simply didn't care enough about adam sandler's character.

maybe this is where i'm just a total fucking girl (or just me), because i pretty much can't get passed all the cheating elements in this movie. i keep hearing this line from the movie repeating itself inside my head, although i can't remember the exact quote. the jist was- "it's easy to say you wouldn't cheat when you don't have anyone wanting to fuck you." probably because i TOTALLY agree with it. it's one thing to say you'd "never" cheat, but how the fuck do you know? have you ever been in a situation where it's realistically come up and you've had the balls and the right mind to turn it down? to say no? have you been able to walk away from those moments that ruin/change your life forever? i mean.. none of us know what we would do, until we are in that situation. it's easy to say you'd never do something, when the temptation of that something isn't throwing itself at you at every turn. or hell, hasn't ever thrown itself at you. what would you do if the opportunity was there? and it truly tempted you? then what...

welcome to my mood today... isn't this fun?


Becky said...

we totally need to talk about this OFF your blog :)

Anonymous said...

It's all about guilting us! Who can meet all of these standards today. If you make a mistake, admit it and move on. BTW i am seeing Funny People and the Ugly truth Sat at our local drive-in.

Andie said...

I thought MANY of the same things as you when I saw this movie. I did not care for it AT ALL and I thought they totally lost the message somewhere.

I was also expecting SO MUCH MORE from the combo of Adam Sandler/Judd Apatow.

I did think Seth Rogen looked cute, though.

NGS said...

I guess I'm not going to go see that movie.

(My take on the saying you'll never cheat thing is pretty simple. If you say it, promise it, and mean it when there's no chance of it happening or no temptation, you're much more likely to remind yourself of those promises in the moment when there is actual temptation. People who say, "who knows what I'll do?" are pretty much giving themselves a pass on cheating. That's always been my take, although I guess you do bring up a good point that no one really knows until the moment.)

Heather said... much to say on this one but not sure if a 'comment' is the right place. I've been through some of this though and changed my life forever. Who knows, maybe during BlogHer '10 in NYC we can drink vodka and talk about it. ;)

Grand Pooba said...

I don't think any of us know what we'd do in ANY situation until we're staring at it in the face. "I would never scold my child like that." Most non-parents say this (Me included) but how the hell do I know until I have a screaming child in public?

Baaaaahhhhh! That's all.

Anissa Mayhew said...

You DEFINITELY need to EAT MOAR KITTENS! I love you, even when you feel bitchy. done.