Friday, August 14, 2009

kittens- it's what's for dinner

while everyone is caught up in the drama that has become the blog with integrity badge /pledge.. we (and by we, i mean people who love freedom and all it stands for) bring you something new to believe in-
if you believe and wear no other badge on your blog for all of eternity, this is the badge that will make or break you. this is the badge that will send you to blogher with a lifetime of free passes. this badge will make canon and nikon take notice and not only send you thousands of dollars worth of free camera's and lenses.... it's what made them stop hating babies and start hating something new! this badge people.. THIS MOVEMENT.. it's saving the world.

i present you:
even the kitten is happy! it's wearing a party hat. it wouldn't be wearing a party hat if it was sad, dur.

this twitter movement is taking over the blogosphere! it seems that everyone can see the importance of eating kittens! anissa knows. hell, she practically started this whole movement (and created the badge above). but don't get mad at her people.. don't get mad at anyone. it's what needs to be done. kittens are happy they are a part of keeping america safe. they want to be part of the solution. they understand that if you aren't with us, you're most likely a terrorist and hate everything we stand for and believe in. eating kittens is about believing in our country and our countrymen. eating kittens cures incurable diseases. it makes normally mean people happy. it makes you more likeable! your blog more popular! eating kittens isn't just a movement, it's a statement! that you believe... in what's right!

ready nazi

listen, if kittens weren't made to be eaten, would they taste like chicken? no. but they do. and would they go so well with virtually anything? no. but they do. it's like they were made to be on our kitchen tables! kitten kabobs.. kittens and beer.. kit'n caboodle.. chocolate covered kittens.. kitten chow mein.. kittens on a stick.. sweet & sour kittehs.. honey dipped kittens.. the possibilities are endless! (recipe book coming soon)

i know some of you are freaking out and you probably think we're monsters and your kids are probably crying, but really- if we were monsters, we would eat the kittehs everday! but we don't! we only eat them on fridays! we're socially conscious about our kitten eating movement. we realize this is a new concept to some people, so we're giving you time to stop being a nazi and get on board america's kitteh train. it's not like we're telling you to eat your own kitten... go eat your neighbors!

join us in eating kittens friday! put your twitter name in the comments section of this post!!

eating kittens.. it's just the right thing to do. nom nom nom.


Issas Crazy World said...

had some kittehs with my coffee just this morning. So take that.

Ha. Love this and adore you Ster. Seriously this is the funniest thing I've read in weeks.

Eat Moar Kittehs!!!!


Becky said...

simply brilliant!!!!! i ate my kittens today too!


Kristine said...

I took some with me in the car to eat on the way to an appointment. They are incredibly portable!


Becca said...

Love this! I'm having kittens later this evening with my birthday cake. YUM! @becca107

Anissa Mayhew said...

Kittens are the new candy bar!!!

Shnerfle said...

Kittens are low calorie, lean protien and high in fiber too! Loves me some kittehs!

Shnerfle said...

That was me... @shnerfle

Meg said...

I'm fixing kittens for dinner.


mayberry said...

Well this is totally what the world needs now. Thank you Jennster (and Anissa)!


norcalgirl28 said...

You are one sick puppy!!!

Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] said...

Eating kittens reminds me of eating a peach: soft, juicy, furry, and bruises easily.


SUEB0B said...

You know me. I am still on the fence about eating kittens. But I am willing to argue about it on twitter if you want.

kris said...

I'm still having trouble explaining to my kitteh where his one leg went. But damn it was good with A-1.

Kelly said...

I have to wait 4 more days until I can eat a kitten? Crap!

Becky said...

yay a few more days til we eat more kittens again lol

B ekk said...

As a proprietor of chocolate covered kittens I whole heartedly support this movement!