Monday, August 10, 2009

crazy ass dreams

i had the craziest dream last night.

i used to keep a dream journal where i would write down every single bit of anything i could recall from my dream. even if i woke up at 2 in the morning, i would talk into my cell phone so that i could write the dream down later. i'm not sure why i did this, other than the fact that i really liked to see how my brain dreamed in correlation with what was going on in the world and more specifically, around me. and sometimes, it would freak me out the way i would dream about certain things.... and then similiar events would happen.

that's probably the real reason i started writing my dreams down. to see how much of what i dreamed "came true." it wasn't often. at all. which was kind of disappointing really cause i guess i totally wanted to be like the chick on the show medium... minus all of the scary killing and stuff.

anyway, my dream last night.. was all sorts of crazy. there was a secret combat training facility set up in a suburban neighborhood. i wasn't even in this dream, i was just witnessing all of these events. i was following these 2 guys during their traning and how they tried to blend in with their neighbors and make friends with families. one family had these 2 teenage daughters and the next thing i remember, there is some crazy stuff going on in the training facility. one of the guys ended up being good and trying to save the 2 girls, while the other guy was bad and was (obviously) trying to kill the girls.. the girls got shot, but the good guy was carrying them both out. that's all i remember of that dream.

but there was another. oh yes.

i was with some friends in this huge building. we were taking the stairs to get to this private room at the top of the plaza. when we got there, these men were holding a book with all sorts of notes written in it and a bunch of like tabs marking pages. they asked my friend if she'd ever seen the book before. she said no, but apparently it was her husbands. we took off running. the next thing i remember, a bomb went off. and i stepped onto an area where i could see the section of the building we were just in, and the whole thing was gone. i can see it perfectly in my head right now. charred steel.. smoking block.. devastation. and then this guy i know said to me "did i tell you how it was going to all end?" and i was like "no..." and he said "remember when i told you about the sky opening up that one time? well when it opened up before, i saw her face in the whole sky. welcome to the end." and i walked away.

and woke up.


Lori aka A Cowboy's Wife said...

You know...pregnant people dream a lot and have crazy ones at that....just sayin'....

jennster said...

OMG SHUTUP!!!! lol

Heather said...

I have some dreams like that too where I just wake up thinking WTF, what was that crazy shit! Really?

Mbdiamond said...

Crazy-ass or not, I think it's cool that you remember your dreams! Not all of us are so lucky.... or not? ;)