Tuesday, August 18, 2009


i've mentioned before how deeply i tend to feel certain things. how sometimes i feel with such passion and such emotion, it literally hurts me inside to take each breath. with this emotion.. with these feelings.. comes appreciation. i have often wondered if i'm the weird one.. i mean, i will remember people i met for 2 hours on a random vacation for the rest of my life. certain songs will bring me back to certain people in an instant. people i haven't talked to in years. people i met in hawaii, or savannah... or charleston.. and never talked to again. i think of and remember these people often. am i the only one? do they ever think of me? i always tend to think that they don't... that i'm the only one who remembers and appreciates the moments shared with strangers.

years ago, i mailed out letters to certain people in my life to let them know how important they were to me. most of them weren't necessarily in my life anymore the way they used to be, but i still wanted them to know that the role they played in my life mattered. i guess i like people to know that i appreciate them. it matters to me. so i'm going to start a series of appreciating people in my life. i realize that you don't know most of these people and so this series might be boring to you.. but it's my fucking blog and i'll do what i want. plus, i think it's important. people need to know that they touch you. that you love them. that their presence in your life matters. or at least that's what i tell myself.

so for my first appreciation blog... i bring you the bomber babes. these ladies are other mom's on blake's travel baseball team. i don't know what i'd do without them. they make everything better. they're all freaking gorgeous! they're all incredibly smart. and they're all amazing, loving and caring moms.. but they're also so much more.

kerry- if only you could see yourself the way every other person sees you. everything about you glows. your skin, your eyes, your hair... you. you are stunning in every way imaginable. your goodness and kindness radiates from within. you're so compassionate and kind. you don't have a lot to give in the way of monetary means, but you give in every other way possible. i feel honored to not only you, but to be your friend. i enjoy being around you, learning from you, sharing with you and inspiring you to embrace your inner hotness and work it. you're so much more than you give yourself credit for, but everything about you is truly a joy. i adore you. you're so much better of a person than i will ever be in this life.

brenda- you are one of the craziest people i've ever met.... but in the good way. i love being around you because you're always fun, happy, smiley, and drunk. HA! okay, you're not always drunk, but i know who to call if/when i want to party!!! everyone needs a friend like you. it's just fun being with you. total partner in crime and every girl needs one. i'm glad mine is you. i hate it when you're not at the tournaments cause in all honesty.... they just aren't as fun. i love spending time with you- hanging out, gossiping, talking, sharing, all of it. thank you for tolerating my ghetto ass. and thanks for being you. i love you just the way you are and i think you're awesome. wouldn't change a thing.

susan- you.are.the.best. i'm not quite what it is about you exactly, but whenever i'm around you, i feel like i'm with family. i'm not sure if you do that to everyone- like if it's just the way you are and if everyone feels that way around you, or if i'm just one of the lucky ones (aka psycho). you're such a good and giving person. you come across as so carefree and so willing to do anything for those you care about. you really seem like you enjoy life and you seem to get the most pleasure out of sharing it with others. it's a rare quality to see someone so internally at peace. that's how you radiate. i love your honesty and your willingness to express it so freely. i know that i can talk to you about anything and you will cut through the bullshit and give it to me real. your confidence and gorgeousness seems to know no bounds. i simply love being around you. thank you for sharing who you are with me.

wendy- you are one of the most beautiful people i know. not only on the outside (cause good lord are you freaking stunning).. but on the inside as well. you have 3 of the hottest kids known to man and i swear we have the jonas brothers of baseball on our hands here. i love how determined you are to make everything you touch a success. you're fun and caring and fun to be around. you're always smiling and you seem to make the best out of every situation. if life's ever got you down, you wouldn't know it. i love the way you believe in yourself and how you want everyone else to believe in you too. i truly do think you could sell ice to eskimoe's if you wanted too. hell, you could probably sell matches to satan. you're an incredibly determined woman and it's hard not to admire that.

teri- i freaking love you. i truly enjoy spending time with you. conversation about EVERYTHING with you comes so easily and naturally. you're so fun, witty and smart. you're super creative and freaking resourceful! you have so many ideas, but they don't stay ideas for long.. you seem to make all of your "ideas" reality. not many people actually do that. lots of people talk about what they want to do, but you.. you actually make them happen. it's inspiring. the risks you take and the things you do- you don't let trivial things hold you back. you go for it. i really do love that about you. it makes you this really cool person in my eyes. lol you're a wonderful person who appreciates and lives in the moment. i love every one of those moments you share with me. thank you.

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Daddy Dan said...

Very nice, Jen!

I guess I'll be coming up in Round 2. I understand.

Teri said...

Let me be the first to comment... First, I just love that you have your own website! Maybe everyone does and I'm livin' in the dark ages, but it's just so YOU! I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am for the Bomber Babes and you especially. I started the season only knowing Kerry... sort of. I thought, "This ought to be fun...for Clayton!" Low and behold my introduction and induction to the Bomber Babes via YOU has made every tournament a social event I don't want to miss. You are an absolute kick in the butt. There's no getting anything past you or missing the cute guys on the field. You say it like it is (which is a quality I MUST have in a friend) with eyes wide open and that gorgeous smile. I love a person who can look you in the eye and smile while telling you "That outfit does NOT look like you want to buy it!" :) Why I appreciate YOU? You're the party girl, the one everyone wants to be. You KNOW who you are and there's no BS about it. You're honest, loyal, gorgeous and real. You have an ass people all around the world would pay big $$$ for. Mostly you know how to use it. Damn I envy THAT more than anything. :) And I got all that in the combined 7.5 hours I've spent with you! Love you...T

Brenda said...

Jen, I'll never forget that tournament in Concord when we were standing at the snack shack and that big hunky black guy couldn't get his eyes off your voluptuous ASS. I knew at that point we were going to be partners in crime forever. We've had so fun and lot's laughs ever since and I love our group of gals. So I want to you to know I do think of you often (WELL AND YOUR BUTT TOO) HAHA!! and love your friendship. See you soon BOMBER BABE!!! Brenda. p.s. Get ready for some Margarita's on Labor day!! ; )

Becky said...

aww that was so sweet! and LOL @ dan's comment.

Jill said...

What a neat way to reconize people Jenn!

Andie said...

that's sweet.