Thursday, July 30, 2009

when i was in so cal

i went to malibu ...
malibu- pt.dume
and it made me happy.

we buried blake in the sand and made him a mer-man... cause that's how we do's it.
blake the mer-man

i took pictures of my beer and made my sister look like she was drinking it. HA!
beer bokeh

i learned that my nephew is part grasshopper or part fairy and can pretty much fly.
looking at the camera!
how the hell does he jump like that?!?!?!?

blake and i were completely dorky while we drove in the car
on our way to san diego! comic con here we come

and then we posed for a picture together at the con, where sometimes i feel like it looks like we don't even know eachother and i was a celebrity and he was a fan and here's our pic together... except for the fact that we kind of look alike. and well, i probably (hopefully) wouldn't grab some random kid i didn't know like that.. but i probably would cause well.. i'm me... shameless.
me and blake at the con

and then we left.

which is sadder than i can attempt to express with mere words.
but my soul.. my spirit.. it aches.

even more sad-
summer is almost over.

leaping lizards, it's a flying boy!!!!
crazy jumper face
it's the best i could do.. i didn't see any puppies or unicorns on my trip!


Becky said...

LOL achoo CAN fly!

Meredith said...

Mere words....

express with "MERE" words

get it

cuz I'm Mere

oh english...
what a fun language you are


jennster said...

mer- i love you more than MERE words can express. DORK! D O R K! and thanks for taking that great pic of me and blakey face! you are the best! (even if you won't send me the pic of me and you!!!!)

Nora said...

Malibu Rocks! I live 20 minutes from there and can't even remember the last time i've gone to the beach. Shame on me.

Jill said...

Does that kid have springs for legs......geeeeez. How AWESOME!!

Andie said...

great pictures jen! :)

and I love your top/dress in that pic with blake. cute! where did you get it?