Friday, July 03, 2009

they don't write songs like this anymore

...i know i always swoon and go crazy for brad paisley whenever he releases a new album. BUT THIS IS WHY:

listening to a brad paisley cd for the first time, is like having an experience with almost each and every song. boyfriend and i will sit together and listen to the cd with eachother because the songs are just that good. (although he'll comment that i listened to some without him and he's right cause it's really hard to wait, but i did because i didn't want to experience all the songs for the first time without him.) his songs make me laugh out loud when i hear them for the first time. and they've made me start bawling. i get really excited when brad has new stuff coming out because i can't wait to take time out of my day to sit down and truly take in all of his new music. i am telling you- it is a freaking EXPERIENCE. his songs take you on a ride. in a deeper way than most. and i think it's rare that a singer is that touching. but it's probably because he writes all of his own songs. i think it's easier to make people laugh and cry if they know that the lyrics you're singing came from inside you. that the stories are possibly true. that you probably love your wife as much as you sing about loving her. that you probably did go to the grocery store and fill up 2 shopping carts with just beer. i don't understand why more artists don't write their own lyrics. how fucking hard can it be? write about what you know- write about what you experience, the things you do. that makes a good song. idiots. they can't all be brad paisley's. and i guess that's alright with me.

anyway, bp is amazing and awesome and plays one hell of a mean guitar. if you like country, you will love him (if you don't already). i will admit that this latest cd is not my most favorite, but he still has great songs that you can't help but love.
song #4 "then" made me cry the first time i heard it... cause i'm a pussy.
song #3 "welcome to the future" maybe me laugh and smile and totally shake my head like YES and feel immense pride...
song #11 "catch all the fish" made me laugh out loud LOUD.. more than once!
i'm proud to say that i've always been a fan of brad's since his very first album and i look forward to everything he has to come (and brad, thank you for your music)!

but the number one song of the summer?
the entire black eyed peas cd. if anything is going to be rocking this summer, it's this whole disc. specificially songs:

#2- rock that body
#3- meet me halfway
#5- i gotta feeling
#6- alive
#9- party all the time

this cd is freaking awesome and has amazing beats and crazy fun lyrics. most of the songs on this cd that you don't like when you first hear, will totally grow on you (but a couple of them suck, plain and simple and there is no fixing them). for the most part, this cd is SO SUPER FUN you won't get tired of it. it's been on constant rotation since i bought it almost a month ago! it IS summer- fun, dancey, upbeat, lighthearted, fun lyrics, good times, all over party disc. this cd rocks. bring it to your 4th of july party!!


Issas Crazy World said...

How funny, because I just bought both of those CD's at Target. I adore Brad. Love him. Logan does too.

Then made me bawl the first time I hear it too. Ohhh another one we are in love with and you may like it, is James Otto. I swear to you, I love all but two songs on it and it's a 15 song CD.

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Nora-A Hot Mama said...

I love BEP (Black Eyed Peas)...I think I just made up BEP, or do people say that? Anyway, I've got to check out their cd. My son LOVES Boom Boom Pow, even the baby gets in on the action when he hears it.