Friday, July 31, 2009

the next blogher 2010 question is..

we need to seriously discuss what type of ticket i should buy.

when i went to blogher in san jose, i bought the whole conference shabang. and while some of the panels were interesting, i didn't feel like they gave me anything i was looking for at the time. i'm not looking to change my blog, or make it better or more interesting- i mean, i'm me and i'm pretty fucking interesting so there. but i remember feeling like the panels were more of a let down, or maybe not necessary for me.

but the parties? i LOVED the parties. i lived for the hanging out and talking and just the being with one another. so i vowed that at the next blogher, i would only buy the party pass.

and i did. in san francisco i paid for the cocktail receptions only. and i think the only reason i was disappointed at all was because i lived so close to SF, that i didn't stay at the hotel. i literally drove back and forth every single day and night for 4 days. no wait, 3 days. if i would have done anything differently there, i would have stayed AT the hotel with everyone. but i didn't feel like i missed out on the panels per se.

so now that it's in NEW.YORK.CITY next year, i'm wondering.... do i get the whole thing and be able to attend anything i want too? or do i just do the parties because really, that's all i want.. access to the faboo parties that are thrown and the chance to mingle and dance and hang out with everyone? or will i regret that i couldn't attend a panel if i wanted too- and will everyone i want to hang out with and spend time with BE in panels the whole time i'm not??? i think that's my biggest concern, is that i'll want to spend time with people who paid to attend the conference and so they'll be conferencing while i'll be like.. "dude, ditch class and party with meeee instead!!!"

so i ask you dear readers... what are you planning to do and why?


Smug said...

Depending on the price difference. I would probably buy the whole thing, so you have options and can do whatever you want. If the price is crazy higher, then just go to the parties, because you are right, that is the really important part.

This, of course, from someone who has never attended Blogher - so take my advice with a grain of salt

Alison said...

Since you're already starting to save up, I say buy the whole thing. Just like Smug said, you'll have the option of attending the panels and parties and you won't feel left out of anything.

I've never been either, but you need to do what I say.

Kristabella said...

I went to 3 sessions this year, but I think I'll still end up buying the full conference pass. Because this year it got you into the Expo (although I never saw anyone checking badges) and the Expo had FREE FOOT MASSAGES.

But since I'm not a rule breaker, and this year I enjoyed hanging out near the rooms the sessions were in, I will probably get it for that. Because the cocktail only ones say that on the badge and people will know you're not supposed to be there. FOR SHAME!

And honestly, the Room of Your own sessions this year were good.

jennster said...

all conf pass = 200 bucks
party pass = 50 bucks

Lara said...

I bought the full pass for the last two years, and I bought it for New York, too. I enjoy a lot of the sessions, and I like having the option to pick and choose. Plus the expo and the lounges were fun. :)

Issas Crazy World said...

Okay, so I have to retract my dam comment from the last time. I'm going. :)

I bought the two day full pass. I had friends who bought the party pass this time and it worked out...but I think the bigger BH gets, they may start being sticklers about letting people in. Just a thought.

Did I get anything out of the panels? Eh, possibly not. But I liked the ones I went to anyway.

Kimberly said...

OMG, Jennster, I forgot how much I freaking love your writing!!! I just saw your comment ahead of mine on Tourine's Real Weddings article... so I must say hello and begin to follow your blog.
Hi! (Remember me? "Fall-Love" on the knot, Tourine's friend, from Tahoe, talked with you lots about Tahoe vendor stuff...) Do you still call your hubby "boyfriend?" ;)

corrin said...

Go for the whole kit and caboodle. I only bought a Saturday pass this year even though I went up on Friday night and I couldn't go with friends to certain functions. It was a bummer.

And at the risk of sounding stalker, you can totally stay with me...though I'll be at the Waldorf because the Hilton has bed bugs.

SUEB0B said...

I skipped every panel and most of every speech this year...but I would NOT miss the Community Keynote. It is really the most magical thing. Pinch pennies. It is worth it.

Also, you can volunteer or speak and have your fees covered. Think up a Room of Your Own and pitch it, or write some great posts that you could submit to Community Keynote. There are lots of ways to go for free.

Issas Crazy World said...

Um, just as an FYI...I was in the keynote and I paid full price. Nothing was free for me.

Nora said...

Thanks for the info about blogher. You're the only blogger I really talk to (I'm a loser). But, when is bloghim? Now THAT is something I might be interested in.