Monday, July 13, 2009

if jennster's rockin

don't come a knockin.. did i write that already in a recent post? i probably did because once again, i'm sitting here feeling like i'm rocking on the waves. i'm not complaining though. you'll never hear me complain about getting to spend the entire day on a boat, in water. well, unless the boat capsizes and we're in the middle of the ocean with no one around and people drown and die and stuff.... then i'll probably complain. but as long as we're chilling on a freaking lake.. i'm cool.

this past weekend i got to take blake to a giant/padres game (go padres). the best thing is, i can introduce this kid to all sorts of tv & movie celebrities, singers, etc and he's just chillen. but you introduce that kid to some major league baseball players, and he loses his mind. the funniest thing this weekend was when he got to shake hands with these guys and they signed a baseball for him. he had the goofiest grin on his face and he had to go sit down on a golf cart cause he was going to pass out. HE WAS FREAKING OUT! and then he yells at me when i ask him if he's ok. i guess i should be happy that the guys who make him get all silly and totally crazy inside are not celebrities or singers, but athletes. which is also why i get super pissed off when athletes do stupid things (suck it manny).

i also took some fun engagement type pictures for my good friends jimmy and loree. there is this exposed brick wall downtown and everytime i see it, i think sexy. i knew what i wanted them to do on that brick wall, but as you can see from the pics... loree was way too uncomfortable. i totally should have gotten her drunk first. jimmy was fine though and he did exactly what i wanted, but her body language isn't having any of this nonsense (they'll probably kill me for putting this up here).

whatever.. here are some non sexy shots. lol





Anonymous said...

I think the pictures are really cute. Great job Jenn!

Anne said...

It totally took me a second to realize that's my brother! Too funny. Amazing job on the pics!

Andie said...

the way I get people to relax for those sorts of pictures is to just wait until they sort of relax with each other and go from there. I know exactly what kind of look you wanted and I love to do those sorts of shots too.

You did a good job, Jenn!

Jimmy said...

LMFAO JEN... yes Loree will kill you if she puts 2 and 2 together :)

Meg said...

I think the pics are great! We have some walls like that in a nearby town and I'm just dying to photography people around there.

Parp said...

ps.....your cousin would be very grateful if you would introduce HER to those kinds of people :-)