Friday, July 17, 2009

hair & mascara

i have a kind of confession to make when it comes to my hair.

i don't really brush it.

well wait, i mean that's not entirely true. i totally brush my hair. just not often. like, after i shower i'll comb it through and stuff.. cause otherwise you can't get the tangles outta your hair. well after i either blow it dry or let it air dry... i don't brush it. and then i started thinking about how chicks always have freaking brushes in their purses and they whip those things out in restaurant and bar bathrooms and start brushing at their hair to make it all soft and pretty... and me? never. i'm like the girl in the bathroom trying to get her hair messier, not more confined and in place. i'm the chick who on her wedding day said "i don't want my hair in perfect curls, or perfect anything.. i want it messy. i want it out of place, tangled and sexy as hell. you know, like i just got fucked." so yeah, i don't brush my hair that often. this is me RIGHT NOW (although in person, i'm actually in color).. the lighting was terrible so it looked crazy and not to mention this is with my cell phone, so it sucks regardless. but yeah, here is me and my non brushed hair.
not brushed

am i really the only one who does this?

now.. for the mascara portion of our show. you remember when i told you about my new favorite and amazing mascara (ps, my hair in that picture? totally not brushed) the one that makes my lashes look fake and incredible and i want to suck them off everytime i see them? (omg, not literally. please lashes DO NOT FALL OUT!!!) well millions of you. yes, millions. have emailed, facebooked, twatted at me, talked to me in real life, called me, etc.. about this flipping mascara. i had no idea that my stupid post about maybelline's collossal mascara would inspire so many of you to go buy some! but it did. and your lashes don't look like mine. and you're all pissy and whiney and wondering WHYYYYY are jennster's lashes so amazing while yours are sucking like a whore on sunset?

well all of you ladies had the same answer for me when i asked you 1 simple question:

every one of you who didn't like the results you got with that mascara said NO.
no????? NOOOOOO???

ladies- YOU HAVE GOT TO CURL YOUR LASHES! how else do you think they're going to stand out at attention the way mine do? do you think i wake up, put that mascara on and my lashes do that on their own? are you high? if i didn't curl my lashes they would not look at all the way they do. they wouldn't look amazing or long or luscious.

you have to curl.

but you do not have to brush your hair.

class dismissed.


Kristabella said...

m, don't hate me. But I don't have to curl my lashes. They look the same whether I do or I don't. They just do it themselves.

But I do have to brush my hair. So we're even.

Immoral Matriarch said...

Can I borrow your lash curler?

Becky said...

LOL i don't brush my hair all the time either! i brush it in the morning and at night before bed. THATS it. sometimes i will at work if it was super windy on the way in.

btw, i got that mascara. it didn't do to me what it did to you. i don't ever curl my lashes though and i'm not gonna start! i'm gonna go back to my old sky high curves from maybelline. that rocked my lashes w/o a curler!

Becky said...

btw i remember you saying you wanted your hair like that for your wedding. and when i saw you FINALLY after what seemed like ages waiting for you to walk down that looked like that. mission accomplished.

ps. it was so windy that day that even if you had rock hard styled hair it woulda looked like just had sex hair by the end of the ceremony lol

Lara said...

I don't brush my hair either. I mean, I do in the morning before I leave the house, but that's it for the day.

And I don't curl my lashes either, but I'm quite happy with them the way they are, and happy with my mascara too. So I'm not really keen on starting to curl them now. :-P

SUEB0B said...

I went out and bought the mascara because of you. You should charge more for your ad rates. Seriously.

JennyMac said...

haha..I do brush the hair and do NOT curl the lashes..instead, I do a trick I learned from Chanel counter and it works. Coat both sides of lashes. Try it. Works fab for me.

jerseygirl89 said...

We are soul sisters. Or at least beauty regime sisters. I only use a brush when I'm trying to make a smooth ponytail. And I always curl my lashes. Are you also addicted to tinted moisturizer?

Jerri Ann said...

I am like you, I wash my hair and comb through it then, and after that, rarely do I ever run a brush through it. And, I've never ever carried one in my purse. Hair grosses me out and to have that in my purse would make me gag seriously.

My dad, a very vain man and I do mean that like VERY VAIN told me one time that once I left home for the day, never look in the mirror again. When you are home to prepare to go out again, get ready and don't look back. No need in fretting the hair after you've left home and can no longer do anything with it.

And, that's basically how I live. Once I leave home, whatever you get is whatever you get, no mirrr watching for me. Even in public restrooms, I usually barely even glance in the mirror.

Just want to be me.

I thought I would add that I do not even own mascara or eyelash anything-a-ma-jigs

Dana said...

I don't really brush either... not like those other girls. I just don't have the time. I detangle it after washing, and I run a comb through it before bed. But that's it.

Nora-A Hot Mama said...

LOL about the hair brush. I NEVER kept a brush in my purse, and always thought the girls that did were lame. They always had that big roller brush and it took up all the space in their purse. Now candy...that's another story.

I tried that mascara too. Only thing collasal about it is that big ass mascara wand! I could brush my lashes and baby hairs at the same time.

corrin said...

Internet twins. I NEVER brush my hair and I'm a total mascara whore.

Mbdiamond said...

You CURL your eye-lashes?? I didn't know anyone (outside of 1950 ;) did that! I'm with you on the not brushing... once out of the shower, yeah - and then finger combing all the way baby...

But curling eye-lashes?? You go girl... that's way too much work for me! ;)

Andie said...

I don't brush my hair either. I just blow dry it with a brush. that's it. It's not a regular brush either. it's a special round thermal thing. LOL

I don't do anything after that with my hair. too lazy. which is why it is SHORT! LOL

Anne said...

Yeah it gets brushed, maybe, after I shower and that's it. As for the mascara I tried it and it left dark smudges under my eyes, even the waterproof!

Maybe I have to try it when it's not 100 degrees?