Tuesday, June 09, 2009

a post all about mascara

i love mascara. i truly do. i love my eyelashes. and i'm a total sucker for good marketing (and a pretty package).

when maybelline came out with their new COLOSSAL mascara, i wanted to try it. baaaaaaaaaad. but they didn't make it in freaking waterproof. so i attempted to forget about it. until i went to target the other day and SAW IT IN WATERPROOF and in a color called GLAM BLACK! how hot is that?! so hot.

i bought it.

i am in love.

holy freaking lashes... i love what it does. i love how it feels. typical waterproof mascara's make my lashes feel brittle and hard. this doesn't. it stays soft. and it's not clumpy.. AT ALL! and just look at how long my lashes are! i feel like they look like they are fake, but they aren't! i love how long they are.. i love the way they look. my lashes are super eye catching now. har har.
pay no attention to the fact that one of my eyes is opened more than the other. oh great, now that's all you see isn't it?!


Anonymous said...

LOL @ squirrel! I loved that movie.

Tracy said...

Awesome man.

Andie said...

I tried it out and it didn't have that effect on my lashes. I was peeved too. I do like the one in the orange container by cover girl, though. It's similar to that one.

I also love the lancome kind with the vibrating wand. LOL

Cagey said...

Awesome! Oddly, I just posted about mascara today and discovered that my favorite brand is leaving the country. I will be in the market for a new one and will keep the one you mentioned in mind.

Ericka said...

i'm not awake in the morning to not put my eye out, but i wear it out. i like it too. i usually use that pink and green one. one thing though, i'm VERY near-sighted so i have to be about an inch from the mirror, and if i put my glasses back on before it dries, i end up with black stripes on the glass. *sigh*

i've wondered about that vibrating one. somewhere, i have an ad that is just hilarious, but i don't think they meant it to be.

Sarah said...

So I went out and bought this mascara because of your post. I have to say that you must just be born with the most gorgeous lashes EVER because mine were still just as short as usual after applying it. Nonetheless, I do like the product and it does stay put. Thanks Ster!

ster said...

EVERYONE! YOU MUST MUST MUST CURL YOUR EYELASHES! i did not get mine to look like that without curling them! i always, always, always curl. :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah I swap brand to brand and hate crunchy lashes! I'll have to give this a try :)

Kimberly said...

Those are some seriously hot lashes. nft.