Tuesday, June 02, 2009

i'm now officially terrified of high school and think i'll make blake stay home forever. or at least never go in the bathroom

last week when i flew down to la, my plane was FILLED with high school kids. they were flying down there for grad night at disneyland. i loved having a plane full of kids. they were super fun, excited, silly and loud. they were totally full of life so instead of annoy me (like they did to someone else i know) they made my entire flight super fun!! and terrifying.

i talked with the 2 boys who sat next to me the whole flight down. and then the girl in front of us turned around and we started talking about the jonas brothers and hannah montana (i told you i'm really a 15 year old girl inside). and then we discovered that we were both at the same hannah montana concert when billie joe from greenday was there!!! we squeeled. but the boys got jealous. so one of the boys told me that billie joe was his neighbor. and then the other boy got jealous. so then he told me who one of HIS neighbors was. but i had no idea who he was talking about.

the conversation on the plane quickly went from tweets like this:
it started so innocent
where i loved them.. and our talk was full of private high schools, getting beaten by nuns, college acceptances to the university of san diego and boulder, learning how to surf, snowboarding year round, and that being an eagle scout meant you learned how to drink and party properly. whatever the hell that means.

to tweets like this:
and quickly spiraled into something.. so.. ICK-tastic
where they insisted that there were certain bathroom stalls you DID NOT GO INTO because they were the sex stalls. WHAT?!?! sex stalls?!?! fucking gross. that is not only disgusting, but who the hell is having sex in their high school bathroom?!?!? and why??? after i picked my jaw up from off the floor and once i showered in the airplane bathroom, i questioned them more. cause i didn't understand. i mean, were the kids just randomly going into the bathroom and getting it on anytime they wanted?! lunch quickie? ew. but they said that it was happening before school started. that the kids would get there early and do it before school. THAT IS NASTY PEOPLE. and now i'm kind of scared because oh my god, if there was sex going on in my high school bathrooms, i was certainly not aware of it. and i definitely didn't know to avoid any bathroom stalls. hell, i can't even remember going to the bathroom at school. ..... okay, so if all the kids know about the sexy time bathroom stalls, doesn't the fucking school know?!?!! and how do they just allow it to continue?

after being completely horrified, grossed out, and terrified to ever birth another child again, i got a super secret spy business card from one of the boys. oops, i wasn't supposed to tell he was a super secret spy. he said it was a secret. anyway, i hope they had fun. they all graduate tomorrow. i threatened to show up with a sign like i was at a concert for them. but i won't. cause you know, i suck like that.

but at least i don't do it in public bathrooms. GROSS!

ps- if you read my greenday post, i talk about these two "24 year old" girls. i swear to the goddess that one of the girls was the girl on the plane. i immediately asked her if she was with a friend and if she was spazzing out everytime the joe bros came on the stage... and was she wearing a white tank top. she told me that her and her friend were wearing tie dye shirts. i just read my old post.. THEY WERE WEARING TIE DYE. HAHAHHAHA.. i cannot believe i totally made fun of those chicks in my blog and then I MET ONE OF THEM ON MY FREAKING PLANE!!!!!!!! how random is that?!?!!


Becky said...

omg lol your life is full of random coincidences like that!

and as far as the bathroom sex goes...that did NOT happen at my school either. and it's so foul!

Angry Julie Monday said...

MY son is only 4 and I'm already terrified of high school. The same stuff goes on at public high schools too.

My next door neighbor is a Junior in high school, here in the OC. Her dad tells us all kinds of stories of sex and drugs at the HS.

I remember the weekend parties...

but stuff never went on during school.

Andie said...

This is one of the reasons why I'm scared to have kids.

Anonymous said...

Great. Never.Having.Kids.Ever.

You're welcome.

Zuzanna said...
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Zuzanna said...

I was the girl on the airplane and at the concert! Ha ha, it truly is a small world after all.

P.S. Disneyland turned into quite the disappointment. They were playing all this hip hop-gangster-turfy bull shit music and because they set up clubs, Disneyland was LITERALLY a rave. Also, a picture with Mickey Mouse was not an option because when De La Salle High School went on Grad Nite they beat up Mickey and stole his costume. Bummer.

jennster said...

ZUZ- how crazy random is that?!??! i talk about you... and then I MEET YOU ON MY PLANE OVER A YEAR LATER?!?!?! random. so random. ha. and i thought you were 24.. do you love that? LOL

you are lying about the mickey thing right?! lol

Toots said...

omg..that is not just random..that is freaky!! lol

ps..i'm taking elyssa out of high school tomorrow.

Nora-A Hot Mama said...

SEX in the high school bathroom? WOW. The most "dangerous" thing I did in the bathroom was put on my friend's blue eye liner. Guess these kids are gonna catch more than Pink Eye nowadays.

Tuesday Girl said...

Gross, sex in any public bathroom is gross. Can't they jsut do it in a parked car like the rest of us? whores!

Anti-Supermom said...

I'm a fifteen year old at heart too, I wish I had back my stomach from then though.

Funny post. Just dropping in from somewhere else... not that it matters :)