Wednesday, June 10, 2009

can we talk food?

i mean, listen.. i've been really bad with the whole 30 day shred thing (which i am totally renaming to NONSTOP shred cause bullshit, that thing does not just last 30 days.. then what? you just stop? whatever.. you're doing it until you die and you know it).. i don't mind though. i hate it (read, like it) enough that i think i will do it for as long as i can. i get bored and stuff, so i don't want it to be the only thing i do- but i really do think it works. and i think the workouts are good, although i loathe with an unnecessary passion, the level that calls itself two. i hate you two.

also, i think my body takes longer than most to actually fix itself. rearrange the goods. shed inches. i have to stick with programs for longer than they are intended. fine. i'll do it, but don't get me wrong.. i am going to bitch about it every step of the way! clear? cool.

oh yeah, the point of this blog. EATING. what are you guys eating? have you found that you didn't change your eating habits, worked out and you've lost weight? or have you done both?been working out, and also eating differently?

if so.. WHAT are you eating? i am talking, give me a list of your daily eats. from breakfast to dinner suckers. i know everyone's bodies are different, and i think i know what works for mine- i just want to know what the consensus is with everyone in regards to food. so talk diet with me folks. talk me down from the donuts and frozen yogurt, thanks!


Becky said...

the only thing that works for me to lose weight...weight watchers. but really all that diet is is a low cal, low fat, high fiber diet. breakfast, a wheat bagle or wheat english muffin with WW cream cheese. snack- fruit. lunch, lean cuisine, healthy choice, easy mac...something like that. snack- yogurt, pudding, applesauce. dinner- chicken with brown rice and a roll. something like that.

Andie said...

I lost 20 pounds last summer and I rarely exercised. I did weight watchers.

Here's what I ate on a daily basis- and pretty much, what I still eat. I liked it because it was realistic for me. I could still go out to dinner, birthday parties, eat cake, etc. as long as I planned accordingly.

Breakfast- usually a high fiber, low fat english muffin (thomas's light multigrain)- a morningstar farms sausage patty, and a slice of 2% milk cheese.
Sometimes I'd have a banana with that.

Snack- usually a fiber one bar or a piece of fruit and a low fat string cheese

Lunch- varied. Sometimes a Lean Cuisine Pizza, a salad with low fat dressing (i like Ken's Light Italian), fruit and/or a piece of yogurt. Or sometimes I would have leftovers from the night before, with a piece of fruit or some salad.

Afternoon snack- hmmm a bar if I didn't have one earlier in the day, or a piece of fruit and a string cheese, or a nonfat yogurt cup (my fave is yoplait light thick & Creamy key lime pie), or some turkey jerky. Sometimes I ate baby carrots & hummus or something like that. I also like the 60 calorie jello pudding snacks. :)

Dinner- I usually ate whatever for dinner- just cooked it healthier. Less oil, more veggies and whole grains on the plate. Some favorites at my house were grilled or baked chicken thighs basted with buffalo sauce (vinegar based) over a big salad with cucumbers, celery, carrots, lettuce, and a little fat free feta cheese with light ranch.

we usually ate steak once a week, too, with a salad, roasted green beans or asparagus.

I have so many recipes that I turned into healthy ones that I could ramble for hours.

And every night, I had ice cream. Usually Slim a bear 100 calorie ice cream sandwiches or a skinny cow bar. :) or some watermelon.

but I never denied myself. I would trade off. If I knew I was going to a birthday party, I would eat salad for lunch and eat a light meal before hand so I could eat cake. :)

Motherhood Uncensored said...

I did two things (well, other than breastfeed - but generally speaking, bfing doesn't help with my PP weight loss).

a) Only drink water. I still drink beer/wine now and then during the week, but no juice, soda, etc.

b) Stop eating at a specific time at night. I do 8pm.

And I just watch what I eat. Try not to eat 4 plates of something or huge bowls of ice cream.

Andrea said...

I can't lose weight from exercise. I lose weight from food - specifically, eating less of it. Exercise tightens up what's under the weight I want to lose. Luckily, I like the taste of healthy stuff (along with the taste of anything fries and/or covered in cheese) so I still eat a lot of what I normally eat, I just eat WAY SMALLER PORTIONS. My perception of portion size is way skewed. Try to track what you're eating.

Bill said...

There's no way Shred would work without changing my diet. I love Weight Watchers.

Here's an example day:

Pre or post-workout: WW Yogurt (or other f/f low cal yogurt)

Breakfast: egg beaters with lots of veggies, some baco bits, and 2tbsp shredded parmesan. 2 pieces of vegetarian bacon. Cottage cheese.

Lunch: Salad with fat-free dressing and cottage cheese mixed together. Put blackened chicken (I use veg. chicken) on top. Grapes or watermelon (or both) on the side.

Snack: 94% f/f popcorn, fruit

Dinner: "Homemade" indian food. Sauce from a jar (use one with low fat, some are very fatty), chicken, broccoli, cauliflower, other "soup vegetables," maybe some garbanzos. Rice, but I cook one of those 1-minute cups that has only a cup of rice in it. I eat 1/2 cup (my wife eats the other 1/2).

Dessert: WW ice cream of some sort.

Sharron said...

Jenn. I don't think u should be blogging about some dumb ole exercise program.

Life As I Know It said...

I went pseudo veggie last summer. Meaning the only meat I eat now is fish.
I also stay away from bad carbs..for instance if I eat a bagel for breakfast or lunch I will be starving and shaky a few hours later. Not good. I try to eat small meals with some good protein sources.

Anonymous said...

Lots of water each day and small food portions. If you want a cookie, just have one a day. I believe it's all about the amount.

Candy said...

NEXT!!......(next blog please).

And make it good and juicy : )

Dana said...

Speaking of food, I'm hungry.

All the time.

I could eat for twenty these days.

J from Ireland said...

I need to loose about 10lbs but love food too much to diet. I am gonna try though. I badly need to introduce exercise to my life but am struggling to get motivated. I am getting hints from your commenters so thanks for posting this. Cheers.