Tuesday, May 19, 2009

prank call FAIL!

blake tried to prank call me yesterday. his first mistake? calling my cell phone from his. you know, so it says "blake" is calling me on my phone.

his second mistake? his voice. it was totally blake, just deeper sounding (if that's possible at this age really). which just made me laugh.

his last mistake? not preparing enough for said prank call. he didn't think this through at all! he just dialed and tried to roll with it. i've obviously taught him nothing when it comes to thinking on your feet.

"this is the police."
"the police, eh?"
"yes, you are in trouble."
"really? for what?"
"um.. for being a girl." *giggle*
"blake, what's up?"
"you know it's me? i'm trying to prank call you."

i feel like i've failed as a parent.


texas math said...

You know...that prank calling your parent thing never ends.

One time Allie and I used an Arnold Schwarzenegger soundboard to prank call her mom. While she was in the hospital!

So, perhaps it should cheer you up that as Blake gets older, his prank calling technique will get more sophisticated and more despicable.

Some day soon it could be you saying "LOOK asshole, I don't know who the F*@K you think you are, but I'm in a F*@KING hospital room right now and I DON'T have time for this S#*T"

(I love my mother-in-law very much.)

jennster said...

that is fucking brilliant! LOL.. hopefully he will get better techniques! that way i can ground him! ha

Twenty Four At Heart said...

Ha ha! I looooooove him! How perfect!

Nora-A Hot Mama said...

Once I prank called my mom. I pretended to be a mistress to my dad.

Yeah, didn't go over too well. Unfortunately (for me) I was REALLY convincing. There was a lot of yelling that night, and I think my phone privelleges (among other things) were taken away for a year.

Becky said...

LOL that is effing hilarious. i miss that kid.

Becky said...

omg tony LOL i dunno why you quit blogging. youre hilarious.

Diana said...

That is priceless. I can't wait until my kids are old enough to prank call me. See? Most people like cute little babies that don't talk back, I like big kids with personalities and jokes and poorly-executed prank calling plans all their own.

Jenni Jiggety said...

The kid has got potential, though! Just think...in a few years he could be making prank calls with the BEST of them! It is good to have dreams...

Jill said...

Can you blame the lack of prepardness on boyfriend? Guess not.......damn!

Nice Peace of Buddhy said...

HAHA! That's is classic! I love it!