Friday, May 29, 2009

hey koool-aid

2 things.

did you know they made kool aid shoes? i mean, KOOL AID SHOES. for grown ups. with the smiley and everything!!!! how fucking sweet is that???
can you see the kool aid smile on the side of the shoe?!?!?! KOOL AID BITCHES!

and then the bottom of the shoes. ah man! this is me... pretending to drink outta the shoes. yeah, i'm a freak, so what!
drinking the orange aid

i was so tired driving home last night that i couldn't even miss a dead skunk in the road. bump, bump was what i felt and then i proceeded to talk to myself and say things like "seriously self... you can't even miss an ALREADY DEAD animal in the road?!?!" who can't avoid an animal that is NOT MOVING in the road?!?! apparently me.

but who cares, cause i have friends with kool aid shoes! HA!


Anonymous said...

Those shoes rock!

Ali said...

um, I want those kool aid shoes. yes. and maybe the person wearing them too. hahaha.

Jill said...

Boyfriend needs to take you on a short vacation somewhere without already dead animals.......maybe cancun or somewhere warm with drinks with umbrella's in them.

I would drink Kool-aid out of those rockin' shoes if he was drinking out of them with me.......sign me up!

Alison said...

Is that the 90210 guy again? I'm impressed, Hooch. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

Jenn. When is your next blog? xoxo

TOOTS said...

heyyyy koooool aaaiidd!!! fucking a..i want to lick his koooool aid shooooes..kthanksbye

Meg said...

The shoes rock, but I want the person wearing them. Have fun with him!

Nora-A Hot Mama said...

Kool Aid shoes are SWEET. What's next-Twinkie socks?