Wednesday, May 13, 2009

and he starts losing faith

in baseball. with the announcement of manny ramirez doing steroids, blake went on a diatribe that consisted of the following:

"he's a cheater. everyone in baseball cheats. it shouldn't even be a sport anymore. they don't care, they just do drugs and cheat. all they care about is money. no one plays it because they love it anymore."

then he added, "except david eckstein."

oh, if they could all be like david.

know what i think? i think that at this point, if you get caught doing roids, you should be suspended for the REST OF THE SEASON. and then if you get caught again, you should get kicked out of baseball... FOREVER. you shouldn't have to roid up to play ball. and if you do, there should be real consequences for it. consequences that make you STOP doing it.

play baseball because you love it. realize that you get paid MILLIONS of freaking dollars to PLAY A SPORT for pete's sake. think back at when all you wanted to do was play baseball. how it was your dream to get paid to play ball. you have that. you achieved it. you're one lucky sob.

remember that. i'm sure it's easy to forget, but try. because you're messing with my kid here.


Alison said...

No kidding! A severe consequence like that might send a nice message to young athletes too. Imagine that!

Twenty Four At Heart said...

My older son went thru the same thing several years back. He had so many players up on a pedestal and then all the steroid stuff started coming out. He was young enough at the time to be CRUSHED. It pissed me off. I agree, there should be a nontolerance policy or something. They need to get the problem resolved before all the future baseball players give up on their dreams ... leaving no future players at all.

Jill said...

From your mouth to the commishes ears....AMEN SISTAH!

And tell Blake there are men who still do it for the love of the game, they don't do steroids and they aren't well known, they don't make millions but they love the game the same AND they don't like it either when someone cheats. Have faith Blake I know one really well and he is as pissed as you!! are!

SUEB0B said...

Yeah Ecks! Love that guy.

BeautifulWreck said...

I also agree. Severe consequences. I love baseball but I can't remember when I last sat and watched an entire game start to finish. I am just cynical now about the professional side of baseball now.

Jenn said...


I'm with you!